“Stuxnet for the Nobel Peace Prize” or April fools

Did a complex computer worm or virus derail the Iranian Nuclear program?

Has President Ahmadinjed caught a virus, that has made his nuclear program seriously ill?

Stuxnet, perhaps the most sophisticated, complex worm virus ever designed, invaded the computer control systems of Iran’s atomic facilities.

Washington’s Institute for Science and International Security concluded that Stuxnet infected as many as 30,000 institutional computers involved in the project and outright broke 1,000 Iranian IR-1 centrifuges at the Natanz uranium-enrichment facility.

World security experts opined that Stuxnet was “amazing” and “groundbreaking,” even a “prime example of clandestine digital warfare.” If the malwarfare were not enough, an assault on Iran’s atomic scientists was also an integral part of the campaign.

As recently as Nov. 29, quantum physicist Majid Shahriari was eliminated in Tehran – causing the next 5,000 people engaged in weaponizing Iran to perhaps think twice about their career paths.

A key lesson has clearly been learned: Attack effectively and keep quiet. The temporary derailment of Iran’s atomic program is the greatest news story not reported on in 2010.

The West can sleep just a little better tonight as a result, comforted by the amazing results secured by a smart and civic-minded Lone Ranger who might be considered for the next Nobel Peace Prize. But nobody for sure knows who that quiet masked man was. Or what he did. Or why he did it.

Source: The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

My comment:

Have you ever had a virus on your computer?

Its a bug, derails your work, and you might have to get the operative system re installed.

Its is quite remarkable that the Israeli Intelligence seems to have faith in the Iranians, not having proper back up CD’s.  Nor that Iranian computer “experts” have any proper insight in technology.

And even more amazing:  The source behind this most likely April fool joke, do not believe that the back up can be shipped to Tehran from Moscow, by Russians who installed the original CD.

So let go home, relax and enjoy that the Iranian do not have a clue about modern technology…Or?

This is not the time, to fall asleep in regards to the Iranian Nuclear threat. Watchmen: Be awake on on you guards.

Matthew 13:25
But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.

Written by Ivar.

One thought on ““Stuxnet for the Nobel Peace Prize” or April fools

  1. It is so frightening how so many do not believe the truth..the more we hear and see the bible being fulfilled , they seem to go into a deeper sleep, like believing Gov rather than G-d who is the word.. and anyway you look at it, G-d’s Word is being fulfilled and the apostasy will continue till HE says it is done..TIME is all but over and time will be no more..choose G-d as Gov is not G-d..neither is the churches who have already made Gov their god—-Fear is the beginning of Wisdom..now like Paul says,,STAND, I say STAND…

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