Palestinian Arab children are being taught from a very young age to seek bloodshed and martyrdom in the battle against Israel.

With a bomb in their belt and a Koran in their hand they are ready to slaughter Jews and destroy Israel.

It is, nevertheless, instructive to continue highlighting such incidents as the world continues to press Israel to make concession to what it insists is a viable “peace partner.”

The latest example of this form of child abuse comes not from Hamas-ruled Gaza or even Palestinian Authority-controlled Ramallah, but rather from the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

On December 10, Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV broadcast a documentary titled “The Martyr’ Wedding.” In the program was featured a group of very young children from the Riyad Al Aqsa School in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Baher.

The children are shown holding up stones and bullets while singing:

“How strong is the army of Al Aqsa.
I am a soldier, defending its protected area.
How precious is the land of Al Aqsa.
I shall give up my life for its sake.
In the way of Allah we proceed aspiring to raise the flag.
May the glory of the religion (Islam) return, and may our blood be shed.”

It is worth noting that one of the two Jerusalem Arab men arrested recently for plotting to fire a missile into the city’s main soccer stadium is a resident of Sur Baher. Police investigating the plot said that they found a growing Hamas and radical Islamist presence in many eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Nazi Inspired Jew-hate is taught to Arab children.

Source: Israeli Magazine Israel Today.

Watch the video at the site of Palestinian Media Watch:

Written by Ivar