Hamas leader denies the Holocaust

Mahmud Zahar senior Hamas official, recently claimed that the Holocaust was “a lie that has crumbled.”

The Hamas bluntly wants to trash everything Jewish, just like Hitler.

The same Zahar suggested that Israel had committed “countless Holocausts” on the Palestinian people.

ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman issued a statement, “once again, the abhorrent and hateful philosophy of Hamas has reared its ugly head, polluting the public square with Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.  These comments are a disturbing reminder of the virulent anti-Semitism promoted by Hamas and the ongoing threat the group poses to Israel.

“To compare the atrocities of the Holocaust to the a

ctions of “Zionists” is an affront to truth and history.  It is an insult to the six million Jews and millions of others who perished as a result of the Final Solution, and to those who fought the Nazis during World War II.”

“The anti-Semitic ideas expressed by Zahar do not occur in a vacuum, but are a carbon copy of the rhetoric of Hamas’s major supporters, Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

Source; Jerusalem Post

My comment:

You cannot argue with a madman, only pray for him.

This is another example of a Muslim extremist who simply denies any parts of history or reality that doesn’t fit his worldview.

It is nothing less than a form of mental illness.

You cannot negotiate or reason with an insane person, or an insane ideology, because you have no common frame of reference.

The only thing you can do is pray for them that God will lift the veil from their hearts.

Psalm 122:6 says;

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”

I am personally acquainted with several Christian Believers in the West Bank who used to be members of Muslim terrorist organizations but they had a vision of Jesus and it changed them. It took away all the hatred they had in their hearts for Jews and Israel and replaced it with His love for His People.

Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is the only thing that can ever bring about true peace in Jerusalem, and there will be no peace in the world until there is peace in this city.

Written by Aaron

8 thoughts on “Hamas leader denies the Holocaust

  1. All this boils down to the question of who God is. The muslims want everybody to believe that “allah” is the same as “God”, and as such, they are allowed to lie – to “save face” for both themselves and islam – and allah. For if “allah” can be found as a liar, it is clear that he cannot be the same as the Eternal God, who is THE TRUTH.

    Consider this:

    In Semitic languages, some letters are different, but reflect the same sounds A and E are perfect examples in Hebrew as well as Arabic, but in Arabic even U has the same phonetic value – it all boils down to dialects and sociolects.
    In arabic there are men who bears the name Abd’allah as well as Abd’ullah – but it is the same name. In Arabic some men are named Muhammed, others Mohammed, Mohammad, Mahmud, Mahmoud, and it is still just variation of a theme.

    This is the way with the word “ALLAH” (A word, not a name!)
    If you anagramize the word ALLAH, you can get the Arabic HALAL = Sacrificial Meat (forbidden for Christians to eat (Acts 15:20 – 15:29 – 21:25) The fact that this is repeated THREE TIMES, makes it A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION.
    If you further anagramize “ALLAH” you can have HALEL (remember a/e?), which is a Hebrew word, meaning PRAISE. Remember this.
    One more anagramization gives us “HELEL”, which is primarly Arabic meaning “New Moon”, but also a Hebrew Name… most people don’t know this, because it is translated, in most bibles – in English ones; to Latin: Lucifer.
    And yes: Helel, the arch-angel who’s task it was to sing praise, once fell and became satan. Thus we can say, with certainty: Allah = Satan.

    1. Dear Lars-Toralf


      You wrote:

      Allah = Satan.

      My reply:

      Like in regards to the correct name of the Messiah, I feel a debate on the “name of God” might lead to the same dead end. Few if any will pay attention to your message.

      A Muslim only need to know, that God is our Father. The Father in Heaven has a Son, divine, and equally God as the Father.

      When a Muslim accept this, the rest will fall into place. He will quickly come to know, that the Koran do not tell the truth about who God is. That God has paid for his sins, and that He is saved, only by believing the truth. Jesus is God. Islam tells lies about Jesus.

      Since there are enough people who serve Satan roaming around with a Bible under their arm, we should avoid single out Muslims as servants of the devil. Many Muslims are not servants of the devil. But they do not know how to get saved.

  2. Dear Ivar,
    You might be right. My goal though, is not to convince muslims. It is to show Christians that they are wrong in believing muslim lies.
    When I have said what the Holy Spirit has put on my heart, the matter is not on my hands anymore.

    1. Dear Lars Toralf.


      I have won over a couple of Muslims, just be expressing my love for them. One was baffled by how I could call God My Father? This is an astonishing message of love, that Islam can not match.

      Without a Father God, the message of a divine Son, does not make sense to many Muslims.

      If I had tried to tell him that Allah = Satan, He would, at best, never have spoken to me again.

  3. I looked into this debate some. It seems coincidental that in 1898 the zionist movement started working towards a jewish state. And each world war had some invovlement towards controlling Jerusalem and Israel. And that the holocaust was a good reason for people to uproot en mass.
    The answer seems as confusing as why is the star of David secretly hidden on the US dollar so that the tips of star touch the letters MASON.

  4. Greetings Ed,

    You’ve taken several things that have nothing to do with each other, connected non-existent dots and produced an entirely irrelevant conclusion.

    I’m curious to know what your motive for doing so was. Would you care to enlighten me?

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