The Chinese military would consider a pre-emptive nuclear strike if it had no other way to defend itself in a war against another nuclear-armed state, Kyodo News said Jan. 5, citing Chinese documents.

The policy, called “Lowering the threshold of nuclear threats” may indicate a shift from China’s pledge not to first fire nuclear weapons under any circumstances. U.S. military experts have argued since around 2007 that Beijing may have shown signs of altering its pledge of no first use of nuclear weapons.

Source; Defense News

Taiwan’s lawmakers expressed concern on Wednesday over the European Union’s (EU’s) possible lifting of its arms embargo on China.

The EU imposed an arms embargo on China after the Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989, but calls to lift it have emerged in recent years. The French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Dec. 30 that, according to a source close to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, the lifting of the embargo “could happen very quickly.”

The newspaper said that the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany had lowered their opposition to the idea.

Source; Global Security

My comment;

China’s declaration that it might use nuclear weapons if it felt it was being overwhelmed by a conventional attack is very serious. It’s a big step down a short road to nuclear weapons becoming just another tool that armies use to fight, instead of the proverbial “doomsday weapon” whose use is all but unthinkable by rational people.

This declaration can be added to China’s deplorable human rights record, support for criminal dictatorships and sundry other acts which put it outside the community of civilized nations. The fact that the EU is seriously considering lifting an embargo against selling high tech weapons and military equipment to feed the military power of this evil giant, which is unapologetically threatening its democratic neighbors, is a testament to the moral bankruptcy and economic desperation which informs the thinking of post-Christian European leaders.

If this is how they act in East Asia, how can we expect them to act any differently in the Middle East, where the only democracy, Israel, is threatened by despotic governments and terrorists who have lots of money?

Jesus said in the End Times there would be an increase in violence and lawlessness. This is to be expected, and the only thing we can do about it is pray for our own safety and the safety and salvation of those we love, and pray for our leaders to have wisdom to deal with these situations.

By Aaron