Recently, there have been violent riots and clashes in a diverse array of Arab states — Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and now Algeria.

The anger on the Arab/Muslim street will soon be impossible to contain.

These protests are caused by a wide variety of factors but common reasons include a combination of economic desperation, fury over perceived corruption, and a blocked political order. Algeria’s government has already responded with widespread arrests, Jordan’s security forces maintain a heavy hand.

These protests are much more violent and unfocused than previous outbursts. Across the region, there seem to be fewer organized movements and more wildcat outbursts. The spread of Salafi Islamist trends in many countries contributes to this sense.

Source; Foreign Policy Magazine

My comments;

The massively cruel and corrupt governments in many of the Arab/Muslim countries are kept in power by the US and former colonial powers in Europe as part of a policy of “managing” the world. That policy includes keeping the peace between these countries and Israel, which the Arab governments don’t mind doing for a price. But these governments are so hated by their own people that even their brutal security forces won’t be able to keep them in power much longer.

The Salafi Moslem extremists, nurtured by teachers and money from the Wahhabi institutions in Saudi Arabia, sense that soon there will be an explosion of popular anger on the Arab/Muslim street and they are working to take advantage of it for their own purposes.

Right now Israel is surrounded by countries with populations that are deeply hostile to the Jewish State but with governments that have been persuaded by a combination of American money and Israeli firepower that it’s better to leave Israel alone.

But Israel could soon be surrounded by countries with deeply hostile populations and led by governments that are filled with religious zeal to “slaughter the Jews” and who won’t be bought off by American money or deterred by Israel’s Army.  They will command vast armies of young people eager to be killed by Israel because they believe it will send them straight to paradise.

Written by Aaron