Hamas leader denies the Holocaust

Mahmud Zahar senior Hamas official, recently claimed that the Holocaust was “a lie that has crumbled.” The same Zahar suggested that Israel had committed “countless Holocausts” on the Palestinian people. ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman issued a statement, “once again, the abhorrent and hateful philosophy of Hamas has reared its ugly head, polluting the… Read More Hamas leader denies the Holocaust

Jerusalem Arab children taught to seek bloodshed

Palestinian Arab children are being taught from a very young age to seek bloodshed and martyrdom in the battle against Israel. It is, nevertheless, instructive to continue highlighting such incidents as the world continues to press Israel to make concession to what it insists is a viable “peace partner.” The latest example of this form… Read More Jerusalem Arab children taught to seek bloodshed

Arab/Muslim world boiling in rage

Recently, there have been violent riots and clashes in a diverse array of Arab states — Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and now Algeria. These protests are caused by a wide variety of factors but common reasons include a combination of economic desperation, fury over perceived corruption, and a blocked political order. Algeria’s government has already… Read More Arab/Muslim world boiling in rage