Christian broadcaster says God tells Him the U.S. is bankrupt but there won’t Be a global nuclear holocaust.

Pat Robertson has again got exclusive information from God, about when the end will not come.

Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson says God told him that the U.S. is bankrupt and heading into economic turmoil, but there won’t be a global nuclear holocaust.

On Monday’s broadcast of CBN News’ “The 700 Club,” Robertson said he’s “not a psychic,” but he asks God for direction at the beginning of each year, and sometimes God gives it to him.

Robertson said God told him that America’s lenders will demand repayment – not this year, but in 2012 – and the U.S. won’t be able to pay, resulting in currency collapse, rampant unemployment and riots.

But he quoted God as saying “I will protect my people,” and “I am not going to let men destroy the world with nuclear bombs.”

Some of Robertson’s past forecasts have failed to pan out. Four years ago, he said God warned him that in 2007 there would be major terrorist attacks on cities that could kill millions of people.

Source: Cbsnews.

My comment:

There are some issues that need to be addressed with the last prophecy of Pat Robertson. He has been serving the Lord faithfully for many years, but…

The Bible says, that even Jesus did not know when the end will come, and the date or year of His return.

To predict when the end will come, or exclude a date when the end will not come, amounts to the same.  I guess the rapture can take place any day, and what comes next will be pure horror. God of the Bible has promised He will destroy the Earth. He even says that heaven and Earth will disappear. That is quite “nuke’y stuff”.

Pat Robertson will nevertheless escape any criticism, for being a false prophet. Simply because none of us will be around to expose Him as a false prophet, if His last amazing anti-nuclear prophecy fails…..

He is obviously a member of the club of people who say “God spoke to me”, and in the next moments releases another “super revelation”.

Written by Ivar