Latin America embracing ‘Palestine’

The Palestinian foreign ministry has announced that in the coming months, Chile and Paraguay will join the growing number of countries in Latin America recognizing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.

Latin America suddenly want to embrace the PA.

Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela have all announced support for a Palestinian state in rapid succession in the last month.

The LA Times’ Daniel Hernandez writes: Chile is home to a significant population of about 350,000 mostly Christian Palestinians . The declarations have confounded Israel, as none of the South American countries have been directly involved in U.S.-led peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Uruguay was actually the first in the latest wave of Palestinian recognition, but the snowball really starting rolling after Brazil’s announcemnt on Dec. 3, one of former President Lula da Silva’s last acts in office. Under Lula, Brazil has become an increasingly important player in Mideast politics, often taking positions directly at odds with U.S. policy.

Source; Foreign Policy Magazine

My comments;

Brazil is a rising economic and political power and it is looking for a way to make its mark on the world stage. Making a move against America’s closest ally in the Middle East is an easy way to do it. Many other Latin American countries have resented America’s heavy handed domination of their region for decades and are very happy to see one of their own challenging the US. This can explain why they are so eager to follow Brazil’s example.

Also, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has invested great efforts in stirring up anti-American and anti-Israel feelings among Latin America’s large Palestinian and Lebanese expat communities, as well as with friendly Latin American governments.

God warns us that in the Latter Days all nations will come against Israel, and we can see that continuing to happen. But God is good and sovereign in every situation, and this is part of His Plan for the salvation and redemption of the whole world. So we must pray for our leaders to have wisdom, and if you want to show the people of Israel that you don’t agree with this decision, consider visiting Israel to show your solidarity.

Written by Aaron

One thought on “Latin America embracing ‘Palestine’

  1. Lets stop blaming the pope and the catholic church. The catholic doctrines clearly are not popular with those who believe in abortion and other things that the bible says is wrong. The antichrist will not sit on a seat that has so little POLITICAL power. Does the pope have a seat on the un council…NO. Do they condone things that are forbidden in the bible…no. There are MANY liberals that hate the church because they stand up for things that are wrong that are not politically popular. For this reason the church has been attacked not only politically but spiritually. So stop looking for the antichrist in rome and start looking for him first in your own heart. When you get rid of him there then you will be able to see where else he is in the world. Antichrist means one that opposes christ. Christ raised the dead , he didnt kill people, he healed the sick, he didnt make people sick, he cast out demons he didnt infect people with them. The catholic church does exorcisms, they do speak out politically against things that are said to be wrong in the bible. Its the ones claiming god is a murderer ect that are the accusors. If these birds and fish dying are a sign of the end lets stop blaming god and start blaming the devil and stop blaming a church that preaches the same things jesus did. Lets also look into ourselves. The whole problem is the misinterpretion of the holy books be it the bible the koran or whatever other holy books are around. We interpret the words to mean what we experience or see every day. However god doesnt think like that and is totally good so the meaning has to be the opposite of what we perceive it to mean.

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