Tensions Continue On the Korean Peninsula

An insane dictator and his loyal troops.

Ambassador Stephen Bosworth, the U.S. special representative for North Korea policy, arrived in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on Jan. 4, calling for “serious negotiations” to ease tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear program and deadly attack on a South Korean island.

“We believe that serious negotiations must be at the heart of any strategy for dealing with North Korea and we look forward to being able to launch those at a reasonably early time,” he told reporters at the airport.

Cross-border tensions have been high since the North shelled a South Korean island on November 23, killing four people including two civilians. The North also raised security fears that month by disclosing a uranium enrichment plant to visiting U.S. experts.

South Korean marines and naval forces will hold joint war games this week to simulate an infiltration by North Korean troops.

Source; Defense News

The Chinese Dragon vs the Indian Tiger

Uneasy truce between the two emerging Asian giants

The soaring “Indian Tiger” facing the rising “Chinese Dragon” will eventually grow into two regional giants, both competing with rapidly dwindling strategic assets, vital for their survival, transforming the geopolitical landscape in the Asia-Pacific region – and challenging American hegemony as a global superpower.

The Chinese Navy’s recent seafaring activities and maneuvers have revealed Beijing’s intention to increase its control of the maritime sea lanes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The latter is an obvious cause of concern for India.

India’s quest to enhance its military potential, with active aid from Washington, could reignite a new  Indo-China Himalayan border war – with acute danger from its escalating into a terrifying regional nuclear-weapons conflict.

Source; Israeli news site Defense Update

My comments;

Jesus said in Mark 13:7;

“When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be frightened; those things must take place; but that is not yet the end.”

North Korea is ruled by a dictator who is utterly insane and his generals and counselors are afraid to oppose him.  Because China and Russia have an interest in using North Korea for their own purposes, the US and its allies in East Asia can only flex their military muscles and hope that some of North Korea’s senior officials continue to exercise a restraining influence on the lunatic who has his finger on the trigger.

China, India and Pakistan are right next to each other, armed with nuclear weapons (they are soon to be joined by another highly unstable near neighbor, Iran) and they represent three political, cultural and religious systems that are mutually anathema to each other (Iran, which is a Shi’ite Muslim theocracy, represents a fourth system.) Conflict between them, which will draw in their neighbors, is almost a certainty.

As we move closer to the end of this age, “wars and rumors of wars” will increase in frequency and violence.  We must all be vigilant to pray for the protection of ourselves and our loved ones, and also to pray for our leaders to have the wisdom to deal with all of these crises.

Jesus promised us that this is all going somewhere, and we are to put our faith and hope in Him.

Written by Aaron