Egypt rejects Iranian donations sent for Gaza

The Indian aid convoy from Gaza, got stuck in the Egyptian sea port of Al-Arish.

Egypt is not letting the "Asia 1" convoy enter Gaza. Still many will put the blame on Israel.

An informed source told IRNA here Monday night resorting to baseless excuses, Egypt is refusing from issuing a permit to unload the cargo of a ship containing contributions of Asian nations to Gaza residents.

The source who spoke on condition of anonymity added in his exclusive interview with IRNA, ‘Cairo has in addition to refusing from issuing an unloading permit, asks for paying a high demurrage fine for the period that the ship is banked at its Al-Arish Port, paying which is impossible.

The source who was at the time in direct contact with the ship crew reiterated, ‘The ship has been banked at the Egyptian port for 60 hours so far and since it was originally scheduled to be there only for 25 hours, the reserve of their food and water, too, may be diminishing soon”.

Members of the Asia One caravan were after arriving at the Egyptian port directed by the Egyptian officials to head for Gaza to express sympathy with the Gaza residents who have been under the Zionists’ inhumane siege for six years now.

Ten Iranian MPs accompanying the caravan were denied permits to leave the ship though.

The cargo of Asia One Ship, carrying the flag of Sierra Leon, was to be unloaded on Monday and forwarded to Gaza along with the entire caravan members.

The Asian Nations’ contributions include one thousand tons of medical, food, and relief contributions, as well as toys provided by 135 charity funds from 15 countries, including Iran, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and some other Asian countries.

Source: Iranian News Agency, Irna.

My comment:

if your bank goes bankrupt, blame it on the Jews.

The state of Israel has been blamed for everything from bad weather, to internal fighting in the Venezuelan government.

Iran has blamed Israel for creating a “Holocaust” in Gaza. But now the fiddler in Tehran, can no longer blame the Jews for stopping a “peaceful aid convoy”.

The Egyptian refusal to allow Iranian propaganda material flow into Gaza is understandable. A Iranian terrorist state at the border with Egypt, do neither profit Cairo, nor Jerusalem.

Last time a “British aid convoy” tried to enter Gaza from Egypt, these supporters of Islamic hooligans created a riot, and one Egyptian security officer was murdered.

The US, The EU and United Nations seems to be more than fit to send supplies into Gaza.

Than why should Egypt wish to have all this Iranian garbage at their door?

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Egypt rejects Iranian donations sent for Gaza

  1. Eygpt baffles me. I’m not sure why they play both sides of the fence? I think its because their such a poor country desparately wanting to project the image of a country with global influence.

    As far as I’m concered Eygpt is nothing more than a wolf in a sheeps disguise.

    When the war of psalm 83 arrives you can bet Eygpt will no longer secure the border and will no doubt be a very willing participant. The same goes for Saudi Arabia.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend

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