Religious violence in Egypt

Egyptian religious leaders are working to maintain a precarious calm between Christians and Muslims after several days of angry demonstrations after Saturday’s church bombing in Alexandria.

A protest of Coptic Christians in Egypt

Eyewitnesses say a fragile calm prevails after overnight clashes between Coptic Christians and police in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, which is the headquarters of Coptic Pope Shenouda III. Dozens of police and protesters were reportedly wounded in the clashes.

Pope Shenoudu said everyone should reflect on what to do now in order to come to terms and prevent such events from repeating themselves. He stresses that such violence is new to Egypt.

Egyptian security forces have reportedly been deployed in front of many churches across the country to prevent further attacks. Angry Christians have been demanding the government take action to protect them. Al-Qaida terrorists have threatened more attacks on churches in Egypt, and other Arab countries on Coptic Christmas, this Friday. An al-Qaida website has listed the names of churches that it says may be attacked.

Egypt’s Religious Affairs Minister Mahmoud Zaqzoug urged all Egyptians to unite, saying “Some of us pray in a church and some of us in a mosque, but that is a personal matter and should not affect the fraternal relations between Copts and Muslims.”

Source; Global Security

My comment;

Like their cousins in Jordan, the political and religious leaders of Egypt simply don’t get it. They are trying to get people to forget about their religious differences and concentrate on their common nationality. They are begging people to ignore the “extremists” who preach violence while ignoring the fact that the “extremists” are simply doing precisely what the Koran says to do.

The “Christian” leaders who put their faith in a secular state to protect them instead of the God of the Bible will all meet the same violent end, it’s just a matter of when and where.

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Written by Aaron:

One thought on “Religious violence in Egypt

  1. When the Government is Ruled by The KING of KINGS and LORD of LORD’S Yeshua Jesus then this will END! The governments of this world are controlled by the “god” of this world “Satan”.

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