The World Council of Churches is at war with Israel and God of the Bible.

WCC head Olav Fykse Tveit and the Pope will enter a perfect union in the war on God of the Bible. Israel must submit to Islamic demands to get "peace".

The document that exposes the WCC, is called:

“Palestine-Israel Ecumenical Forum. Proposed Strategic Plan of Actions 2009-2010”.

This Ecumenical Forum has WCC as one of its main sponsors and supporters, This strategy document includes the war plan, on how the state of Israel can be changed from having a Jewish majority, to became a Muslim state.

To be able to delegitimize Israel, the WCC needs to change the attitude of evangelical Christians. They are the strongest defenders of Israel, outside of Jewish Zionism.

The various forms of Catholic Churches have been anti-Jewish from the day they were formed. The World seems to have forgotten that the Nazis did read from a booklet made by Martin Luther during the Nurenberg trial, to defend the Holocaust.

The Palestine-Israel Ecumenical Forum uses a “Christ” to attack Israel. This “Christ” includes the Muslims as “children of God”. That is inline with the teaching of the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church.

Lets take a look at the content of the strategic document:

“Since there is no partiality in Christ, all social, political, economic, military and other walls that divideor separate Palestinians and Israelis, Christians, Jews and Muslims, must be dismantled”.

To claim that there is no “partiality in Christ” is a big lie. Jesus the Messiah clearly stated that a person must be born from above to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. if you are not born again by Father, Son and Spirit you can not partake in “Christ”. Since the Muslims do not accept that “allah” do have a divine Son, equal to Him self, it is blunt blasphemy to include other than those who believe in Jesus of the Bible as “partakers”.

What the WCC present to the World is a false religion, with a copy of “Christ” in its center.

“For the last forty years the Christian churches have called for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

What is “Palestine”? Is the state of Israel not “Palestine”? Is the Jews occupiers of their own land?

The British “Palestine mandate” clearly expose the WCC as blunt liars. And a lie is still a lie, even if it is told a million times. “Palestine” was going to be given to the Jewish people as their homeland. All territories West of the river Jordan was considered Jewish properties.. The land beyond the river Jordan, East of Jordan, was going to be given to the Arabs and named “Transjordan”.

Premises for Action

2. That Palestinians have the right of self-determination and the right of return.

The suggested “right to return” is nothing less than a modern day version of the Nazi “final solution”. To flood Israel with Muslims, will change the demographics of the state of Israel. The only nation on Earth with a Jewish majority will vanish.

6. That the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are illegal, and constitute an obstacle to peace.

This is the rhetoric of the Hamas, and the Islamic Kingdom of Iran. The problem and obstacle to “peace” is  “Zionism”, the belief that Jews has a right to live on the Mountains in Zion, including the districts of Judea and Samaria.


1.2 End public support in Israel and internationally for the occupation and for violations of human
rights and international law in Israel and Palestine.

1.3 End economic support to the occupation.

Like the Nurenberg Laws in Nazi Germany in 1935, the WCC wants to make it a criminal offense to do business with true Jews. Because true Jews believe they have a Biblical right to live on the Mountains of Zion, and will refuse to be deported from their homes.

Actions challenging theological support

Engage in reviewing theological education and curriculum of theological institutions which form leadership for ministry in order to challenge Christian Zionist and millennialism theologies or other theologies which support the occupation. One possibility would be to engage in a ‘theological survey.’

This is basically a war on the Word of God found in the Bible. Because Christian Zionism correctly proclaim that the eternal promises God of the Bible, Father, Son and Spirit gave to the Jewish people are “Eternal”, alive and valid. Regardless of public opinions.

A ‘theological survey.’ sounds like mapping the opponents. The next step will probably be to get us criminalized for opposing the United Nations, Islam and WCC. If we are not willing to submit to the “World opinion”, Christian Zionists must be silenced or arrested.

Source: Her you can download the strategy document.

The magazine The Economist have published a map of the World, displaying the tragic affairs of the United Nations.

The tragic state of World affairs, mapped by The Economist.

Click on this map and you will see the grim realities in life.

Most of  the members of the United Nations are failed nations, or pure gangsters.  If you lay the map of the WCC over the map of the UN, you will see no difference.

How a Church body can use “UN resolutions” as justification for its “strategy” is beyond foolishness.

In the Middle East, the state of Israel shines like a light in the midst of darkness and Islamic despotism.