Both the CIA and God of Israel wants to run the Israeli Government

The Obama Administration wants men like Ehud Barak to run israeli politics. The CIA is surely used in a bid to make Israel a Banana Republic.

The kiss of a claimed to be friend, can easily become a deadly trap. If God is not in the picture.Father, Son and Spirit.

Sources confirm Haaretz report that Clinton, Obama feel Defense Minister exaggerated his role in peace process, despite statement by State Department spokesman denying the allegations.

U.S. administration officials contacted Haaretz on Sunday to confirm the United States’ disappointment with Barak over the stalled peace process, despite a public statement by State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley, who denied the allegations.

Crowley issued a statement Sunday denying the U.S. administration’s fury with Barak, as was reported in Haaretz earlier Sunday, in which he said that the administration would continue working with Barak.

“We have tremendous respect for Minister Barak and he remains a main channel of communication between the U.S. and Israel,” Crowley said. “We will continue working with him on a full range of issues of mutual interest for both countries.”

But several other administration officials have contacted Haaretz to confirm the administration’s disappointment with Barak.

Crowley briefed several Israeli journalists on Sunday, partly in response to a request by Barak’s office, which was giving reporters Crowley’s phone number.

Three ministers from the Labor Party called on Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Sunday to tell Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Labor Party, which Barak heads, will quit the government unless the peace process moves forward.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

It is a very badly hidden secret of the Obama Administration, that they want to see the Netanyahu government toppled.

The US has a record of using the CIA to “put in place” friendly administrations. This is the typical style of the banana republicans that rules in Washington. The rule of people, defined as “democratic rule”, is not honored in the US, if those who are considered their subjects, do not agree with Uncle Sam.

Since Ehud Barack seems to harbor a special love for Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of state will be more happy with Him in the Prime Ministers office.

Obama is not a Zionist, and are not pleased with a true Zionist as Prime Minister of Israel. But since God of the Bible is a Zionist, He will not be pleased with men like Barak in the drivers seat. That is why the brilliant past general should not have entered politics. Because all his suggestions, seems to lead Israel down the wrong path.

Since the people of Israel have stubborn hearts, and desire a Post-Zionism culture in Tel Aviv, God of the Bible might soon hand them over to leaders that longs to please Obama’s heart.

That would bring disaster on the Jewish state, in form of a “false peace”. But behold. God the Son, Jesus of Nazareth, will eventually return and bring the Virgin of Zion out of all her self inflicted problems linked to rebellion against the Word of God.

3 thoughts on “Both the CIA and God of Israel wants to run the Israeli Government

  1. Hi Ivar,

    Just thought maybe i could send you a bit of research I been doing on the cult called Alcoholics Anonymous.
    I would very much like it that you could maybe do an article on this (?), don’t know if your interested but this AA thing had become a world wide phenomenon and decieves many people. Also have a link which is by a man called Leonard Ravenhill. (It literally sent shivers down my spine!)
    I will leave my email address here if you want to get in touch.
    Once again, good work Ivar


    Peace be with you

  2. Ivar could you rmove the comment i ahve made above please, it has my email address on.
    P.s. AA is false religion and i fel it shoud be exposed

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