George Canawati of Radio Bethlehem was detained for five days because he reported about infighting in the PLO.

Saeb Erekat and Abu Mazen do not want to have a free press, that tell the truth.

Radio Bethlehem is an independent West Bank news provider. Their journalist George Canawati was detained for five days by Palestinian security forces after broadcasting a news item relating to frictions within the ruling Fatah party.

Canawati has questioned the extent to which freedom of speech is permitted by the Palestinian Authority.

Arab journalist Gerorge Canawati.

“Our prime minister [Salam Fayyad] is always preaching that the sky’s the limit for freedom for journalists. From what happened to me, my experience, that is a false slogan,” he said.

Source: The Guardian

My reply:

The difference between the Islamic PLO and Israel is like night and day.

While Israel is a free and democratic state, the PLO is a terrorist organization.

While Israel has a legal system that secure justice, the PLO is ran by the same principles as any totalitarian regime.

The democratic and free state of Israel has once again displayed its obedience to the rule of law, by persecuting its own former president.

The PLO is ran by the law of the jungle. If you do not do as the dictatorship tells you, you will be detained, persecuted and crippled.

The Arabs on the so-called “West bank”, can still avoid dictatorship by choosing the accept the Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, be under Zionist protection, and take part in the blessings of Zion.