“You are saved, but your life was wasted.”

Kansas city preacher Mike Bickle presents a different gospel, and a false Jesus.

This was a message from “Jesus” to Mike Bickle, director of IHOP with head quarter in Kansas City, US.

Mike Bickle, founder and director of IHOP-KC, on Wednesday gave a message about being consumed with zeal for the work of God.

He shared about a supernatural encounter he had in 1978 where he saw Jesus in a vision. Jesus said to him, “You are saved, but your life was wasted.” He asked in the experience if he could have a second chance, but the Spirit’s replied “it is appointed unto man to die once, then comes the judgment” from Hebrews 9:27.

He said when he came to he was kneeling on the floor, crying instead of being in his bed. He shared that the pain of regret he experienced in that vision is still vivid and is the greatest pain he ever felt in his life.

Bickle felt that God allowed him to feel deep sorrow and regret so that he would not live a life that would bring him regret on the last day. God also challenged him to not live with the low measure of dedication that is common in the Western church, or else Jesus will say on the last day that his life was saved but wasted.

“I understood that I have only one chance on the earth, like every one of us. We only have one opportunity and then we die and then the evaluation – the judgment means the evaluation,” said Bickle.

“The judgment isn’t always negative, but it means the truth about our life comes to light.”

The IHOP-KC founder said it is not important how big this conference is, how big the ministry grows, or who does or does not like him. The most important thing in his and the attendees’ lives is what is on Jesus’ mind on the day of judgment.

“In the Western church, there is a whole lot of us that walk around with the image of dedication but we are not obeying the word of God with all of our hearts,” he said.

Most people ask the wrong question – how little can I do and still remain in the kingdom of God. Instead, they should ask how far will God let them go in their faith.

“I have a number of fears, but the thing I fear the most is regret,” said Bickle. “I fear having regret on the last day more than any other thing. If I stand before Him and have regret it is the greatest tragedy a believer can have. We are not in the lake of fire, we are in the kingdom of God. But the pain of regret, knowing on that day how much He gave us and how little we responded to Him, and that though we are saved we were wasted.”

Source: Christian Post.

My comment:

Mike Bickle believe’s in semi-salvation by a “Jesus” who died on a cross. Because what took place on the cross is no perfect righteousness in front of God. A man still has to strife for a kind of undefined, self-righteousness to avoid getting the “wasted” mark on his life on Earth.

What Bickle is trying to teach us, is that judgment did not take place 2000 years ago, when Jesus died on the cross. There is another judgment a head of believers, where there will be an “evaluation” of mans work.

This is the kind of garbage and pollution that has entered into the body of Jesus, through the so-called Third Wave Movement.

Mike Bickle and the Pope in Rome preach a similar gospel. Both denying the power of the cross at Calvary. Life on Earth has to become an uncertain rally to please God with our good works. And only a Vatican ordained Bishop, or a Charismatic Bishops in Kansas city, will be able to tell where the red line is drawn. When the tag “wasted” will be removed, and the final “approval” will be gained, purchased or obtained.

This is a message of spiritual slavery, a message from the pit. Men like Bickle have not understood that Jesus also nailed the filthy rags of mans works to the cross. Matthew 7:21-23, display the face value of man’s self proclaimed works.

All readers: Please underline: “Man is saved by faith alone, in Jesus alone, separated from works”.

A Christian is something you are. Not a “something” you are going to achieve by works. Either you have understood this and  “are”, or you “are not”.  You have multiple chances to follow Jesus every day, by simply “being” and expose the truth.

A true Christian will not even take notice of the good works he automatically are doing, lead by the Holy Spirit. The left hand is not supposed to register what the right hand is doing.

Rome and Kansas city are both centers of “super revelations”, distribution of deceptions, and doctrines taught by demons.