Indoctrination of death is for most young Palestinian Arabs first presented at their schools.

Arab Palstinian are told to hate the Jews in schools funded by the EU and the US.

Schools in Arab Palestinian settlements teach that death in “battle” with the Jews is a glorious accomplishment to aim for.

Among most nations or people groups engaged in conflict, a small group of mostly male adults will take up arms while everyone else, especially children, are kept as safely behind friendly lines as possible. Not so with the Palestinian Arabs.

By now it is no secret that Palestinian Arab children are encouraged from the youngest ages to engage in acts of violence against Israeli Jews.

A host on government-controlled Palestinian Authority TV acknowledged as much during a December 21 broadcast:
“The teachers were the main agitators for the Intifada (terrorist uprising), for [Palestinian] nationalism and for awareness [of Palestinian identity]. Therefore it is our duty to honor them more.”

[Translation of the broadcast was provided by Palestinian Media Watch]

These are the same schools and teachers funded by American and European financial aid (which comes from your taxes).

The equivalent would be if your taxes were to be used to finance warlords in sub-Saharan Africa who indoctrinate, train and arm local children to participate in brutal campaigns against their neighbors.

In the case of the Africans, such behavior is condemned. In the cast of the Palestinians, it is ignored, and money is poured in to ensure the child abuse continues.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.