A WCC conference in Bethlehem before Christmas confirmed that the “Church” do not mind Islam deleting the Jewish statehood.

General Secretary Olav Fykse Tveit in WCC leads an anti-Jewish racket against the state of Israel.

In the week from 13th to 18th of December, thirty women from different “Christian” denominations gathered in the biblical town of Bethlehem.  In the group was also “one Jewish woman”.

They came to show solidarity with “Palestinians”, and most shockingly: They agreed with Islamists, that the state of Israel is of no importance.

This is the content from the official website of the WCC :

“Whether the solution is one state or two, the occupation must end”.

My take on this, is that there are many ways to express Jew-hate. This is one of the most blunt form of them.

These ladies could have written.

” Its important to secure a Jewish state in the Middle East, but the occupation must end”.

The WCC ladies did not have a desire to express such a view. A “one state solution”, will under all circumstances become a Muslim nation, populated with an Islamic majority. Because the Arab Muslims would love to delete the Jewish statehood by immigration. In the terminology used by the Arab League and United Nations, this solution is called “the right to return”. Adolf Hitler was sure a World without a Jewish statehood, would be a better place. Hitler promoted and executed the “the final solution” to the “Jewish problem”.

Lets take a look at more statements from this gathering:

The KPD witnesses to the connection between racism and the oppression of occupation and calls our churches to do likewise. As women, we recognized and named the complex webs of systemic and structural oppression. As an initial response of faithfulness, we acknowledge the ways in which intersections of racism, economic control, militarism, colonization and gender inequalities multiply the de-humanizing effects of occupation.

“Systemic and structural oppression”. That sounds like a totalitarian state. These claimed to be “Christian ladies” must have mistaken Iran or Saudi Arabia for Israel. Or like blinded chickens, they must have drafted this press release quoting from the latest newsletter published by Hamas.

Shame on the WCC, that makes a mockery out of democracy, freedom and liberty by their satanic attacks on the state of Israel.

Source: Home site of The World Council of Churches.