Gaza “aid flotilla” got stuck and moved to Syria

“Asia to Gaza” convoy activists say Egypt is not cooperating and has yet to issue permits. Egyptian officials say the paper work is incomplete.

Asia 1 "activites" listening to Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Damascus. Supported by Islamic Jihad they will not reach anywere.

The Asia to Gaza aid convoy is wating for Egyptian officials to permit their entry into the country.

Activists who joined the convoy said today on their online twitter account that Egypt is so far refusing to collaborate with the group.

The organizers wrote online that Egypt has so far not issued them visas to the convoy, which reached Lebanon yesterday.

An Egyptian official says that the papers submitted by Asia to Gaza were incomplete. However, no final decision has been announced and there is still room for paper completion, added the official under condition of anonimity.

The Asian aid convoy comprising politicians and activists from 18 countries, including Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates is on its way to Gaza in an attempt to break Israel’s four year siege on the Strip.

The convoy started off in New Delhi, passed through Iran, Turkey, and Syria and arrived in Lebanon on Friday.

It is planning to reach Gaza by end of December, in time for the second anniversary of Israel’s 22-day war on the Strip that started on 28 December 2008.

Approximately 1,400 Palestinians were killed and 5,000 injured or maimed in the three-week attack. Half of Gaza’s infrastructure was destroyed and remains unrepaired as a result of Israel’s siege, which bans the entry of building materials.

Source: Ahram Online.

Tehran Times: Gaza “aid convoy” gets ready in Syrian port.

The Iranians supported Asia 1. That support became a stumbling block in Sunni controlled Egypt.

The Tehran Times reports 26.12.10 that the Solidarity Caravan of Asia 1 has left the Syrian capital of Damascus for the port city of Latakia in the northwest of the country.

My comment:

An “Gaza aid flotilla” sponsored by Teheran, Hamas officials in Damascus, and even Islamic Jihad, could have lead to a direct military conflict in the Middle East.

This attack on the sovereign state of Israel became to Islamic even for Lebanon and Egypt.

After “peace activists” lead by a former british MP lead to riots and violence on the Gaza-Egyptian border, Cairo has put her foot down. Islamic Jihad presented as “aid suppliers” will not get visas to enter Gaza from Egypt.

On its way to a port in Northwest Syria, this “aid flotilla” from India becomes harmless, and this media stunt will most likely fissile out.

The threat of more “aid flotillas” looms. Watchmen: Be on the alert.

Indian “aid flotilla” plans to land in Gaza on Tuesday

The convoy plans to enter the Gaza Strip Tuesday, despite the Israeli-imposed blockade there.

All kinds of religious people are on board Asia 1, who will chanllege the Israel Navy.

This is a message from Indian National Feroze Mithiborwala, one of the convoy’s organizers, published by Indian Express.

Israel is monitoring the movement of an aid convoy that will leave Lebanon Sunday and head for the Gaza Strip, Israeli officials said.

Activists from 15 countries are participating in what is known as either the Asia 1 or the Asian People’s Solidarity with Palestine convoy, Iran’s Press TV reported.

The Indian "peace maker" Mithiborwala stoped in Tehran, and got publisity.

Israeli officials said the progress of the convoy is being monitored, and the Israeli Meir Amit and Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said the APSP is hostile to Israel.

Source: UPI.

My comment:

That India has joined the Global army that shall attack Israel is Biblical. The Bible says all nations shall go to war against Zion.

They will all face the return of the Messiah, and will be sent to Hell.

In the very next days, this ship of fools will go alone against Israel. The final flotilla will be a gathering of thousands of ships.

Massive coordinated attack on Israel planed for Sunday

Massive coordinated Global Media attack on Israel planed for Sunday.

Asia 1's leader, Fayrouz Mesbrola from India delivers a gift to Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal in Damascus on December 22, 2010.

Hamas greeted CNN with “Merry Christmas”. Another Islamic “aid flotilla” to attack Israel on Sunday.

“Asia 1” convoy which began its journey in India, traveled through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Syria; welcomed by Khaled Maashal while in Damascus, Press TV reports; set to sail for Strip on Sunday.

People of all kinds of religions have started to coordinate their attacks on Israel.

The government is monitoring an aid convoy to Gaza that is planning to sail from Lebanon on Sunday, Israel Radio reported.

Asia 1, the first convoy to attempt to reach Gaza from Asia, began its journey from India.

Than the “peace activists” traveled through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Syria before arriving in Lebanon on Thursday. A Journey to rally support from dictatorships, despotism and evil.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Israeli surrender to United Nations demands for open borders towards Gaza, is now displaying fruits.  Like before Operation Cast Lead, dozens of rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel from Gaza.

The former "Gaza aid flotilla" let to a massive media attack on Israel.

23rd evening I saw a High official in Gaza greetings the American people on CNN with “Mary Christmas”.

Than I knew a coordinated Islamic attack on Israel is on its way.

Because the new Christmas message from the Muslim World, is coordinated Jew-hate. This is now a game also played by Catholics and lately Muslims and Hindus from India.

That the next Gaza did flotilla might challenge Israel on Sunday, is a well planned media attack.

This ship will surely not be able to break the Israeli Navel control over Israel’s sea borders.

The whole purpose is to taint the Jewish state in the media, as cruel and evil: Denying “poor people in Gaza” supplies on the eve of Christmas.

And while sleepy “Christians” have just finished eating their supper, fresh media pictures will arrive into millions of living rooms by CNN and BBC. Globally journalists will again defend the “oppressed” people of Gaza. Giving fresh support for Islamic terrorism, that works like a cancer from its base in the Middle East.

These Islamic perverts do not have any shame. Denying that “allah” has a son, they even take His name when its needed to turn the Christian World against Israel.

Watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, and supporters of Israel. Please do not sleep, but stay vigilant.

Peter Kreeft: “Catholics can learn from Muslims submission to God”

Leading Roman Catholic apologist says secularism a bigger threat than Islam.

Boston Catholic Peter Kreeft claims Muslims are true followers of God.

These are the words of Peter Kreeft. He is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and well-known Catholic apologist and author of over 45 books,

During a debate on his latest book, Kreeft had a lot to say about the “holiness” of Islam. Among other statements, the Roman Catholic underlined the “essence of Islam”.

“The theological essence of Islam, which is a radical submission to the will of God.”

Kreeft also compared the devout Muslim’s readiness to serve God to the “humility and obedience displayed by Christian saints.”

He also commented that this example could serve as a lesson to today’s Catholics,“who all too often treat the demands made by their own faith as mere suggestions, to be taken or rejected by the self-directed individual conscience.”

Kreeft also added that good Muslims can act, and have acted, as our allies in “international culture wars.”

Kreeft cited the fact that Islamic states have voted along with the Holy See and other Catholic countries within the United Nations to defeat population control programs that were supported by formerly Christian countries in Europe.

The philosopher said he views the secular movement in Europe as more much more damaging to society than the theocentric mentality of Muslims.

“Our real enemies, as Christians, are demons,” said Kreeft. “It’s all too easy […] to think that Muslims or Communists are the problem, and if we can only defeat and subjugate them the Church will triumph.”

He went on to say that “secular enlightenment,” which rejects God completely, “is far more dangerous to our souls than a world religion that is devoted to worshipping the same God as Christians and Jews, albeit in a partial, somewhat primitive and distorted manner.”

Kreeft focuses on the commonality between the three major faiths: “Large elements of Islam are identical with Judaism and Christianity — because that’s where Mohammad got them.”

”In a profound sense,” the apologist added, “Islam and secular West are mirror images of each other.”

Source: Catholic News Agency Zenit. :

My comment:

If there in anybody who do not believe that Catholicism and Islam comes from the same source, this is a good lesson.

The One World religion, will deny the cross. That God of the Bible has only One begotten Son, equal to Him self. That this Son, took our place on the cross. That all men deserve to die, and be sent to Hell. But those who believe in Jesus, and only them, will be saved from the coming wrath of God.

This is the gospel, rejected by both Rome and Mecca. They will surely unite, in the final war on the Word of God.

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