12 Israeli fighter jets flew over Lebanese territory Thursday, Lebanon Army says‬‬.

Israel displayed its supreme air power and warns Arabs that the IDF is ready for the next war in the Middle East.

Tensions high: At least 12 Israel Air Force fighter jets breached Lebanon’s airspace Thursday morning, the Lebanon Army says.

According to the Lebanese military, the jets flew over the town of Naqoura, among other sites, starting at 9:10 am, leaving Lebanon about an hour and 25 minutes after first entering the country’s airspace.

Responding to the Lebanese report, the IDF said that “the Air Force does not provide details about its operational activity.”

The Lebanon Army stressed that the breach constituted a violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War.

Lebanese military officials occasionally report that IDF drones operate in southern Lebanon, yet reports of fighter jets entering the country’s airspace are rare.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

The Israeli security cabinet has warned that every flying metal box flying into Israel from Gaza or Lebanon, will be meet with a military response.  A couple of dozens such provocations have landed in Israel in the last two weeks.

Since leaders linked to the Arab League has used war rhetoric for more than a year, Jerusalem seems to change from diplomatic language to preparation for war.

The Asia 1 “aid flotilla” present in Lebanon, might also be the reason for this warning from Israel’s military commanders.

Both Hamas and Hizb’Allah needs to be crippled. To the best for the Lebanese people, and the captives of Islamic terrorism in Gaza.