The convoy plans to enter the Gaza Strip Tuesday, despite the Israeli-imposed blockade there.

All kinds of religious people are on board Asia 1, who will chanllege the Israel Navy.

This is a message from Indian National Feroze Mithiborwala, one of the convoy’s organizers, published by Indian Express.

Israel is monitoring the movement of an aid convoy that will leave Lebanon Sunday and head for the Gaza Strip, Israeli officials said.

Activists from 15 countries are participating in what is known as either the Asia 1 or the Asian People’s Solidarity with Palestine convoy, Iran’s Press TV reported.

The Indian "peace maker" Mithiborwala stoped in Tehran, and got publisity.

Israeli officials said the progress of the convoy is being monitored, and the Israeli Meir Amit and Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said the APSP is hostile to Israel.

Source: UPI.

My comment:

That India has joined the Global army that shall attack Israel is Biblical. The Bible says all nations shall go to war against Zion.

They will all face the return of the Messiah, and will be sent to Hell.

In the very next days, this ship of fools will go alone against Israel. The final flotilla will be a gathering of thousands of ships.