Massive coordinated Global Media attack on Israel planed for Sunday.

Asia 1's leader, Fayrouz Mesbrola from India delivers a gift to Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal in Damascus on December 22, 2010.

Hamas greeted CNN with “Merry Christmas”. Another Islamic “aid flotilla” to attack Israel on Sunday.

“Asia 1” convoy which began its journey in India, traveled through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Syria; welcomed by Khaled Maashal while in Damascus, Press TV reports; set to sail for Strip on Sunday.

People of all kinds of religions have started to coordinate their attacks on Israel.

The government is monitoring an aid convoy to Gaza that is planning to sail from Lebanon on Sunday, Israel Radio reported.

Asia 1, the first convoy to attempt to reach Gaza from Asia, began its journey from India.

Than the “peace activists” traveled through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Syria before arriving in Lebanon on Thursday. A Journey to rally support from dictatorships, despotism and evil.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Israeli surrender to United Nations demands for open borders towards Gaza, is now displaying fruits.  Like before Operation Cast Lead, dozens of rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel from Gaza.

The former "Gaza aid flotilla" let to a massive media attack on Israel.

23rd evening I saw a High official in Gaza greetings the American people on CNN with “Mary Christmas”.

Than I knew a coordinated Islamic attack on Israel is on its way.

Because the new Christmas message from the Muslim World, is coordinated Jew-hate. This is now a game also played by Catholics and lately Muslims and Hindus from India.

That the next Gaza did flotilla might challenge Israel on Sunday, is a well planned media attack.

This ship will surely not be able to break the Israeli Navel control over Israel’s sea borders.

The whole purpose is to taint the Jewish state in the media, as cruel and evil: Denying “poor people in Gaza” supplies on the eve of Christmas.

And while sleepy “Christians” have just finished eating their supper, fresh media pictures will arrive into millions of living rooms by CNN and BBC. Globally journalists will again defend the “oppressed” people of Gaza. Giving fresh support for Islamic terrorism, that works like a cancer from its base in the Middle East.

These Islamic perverts do not have any shame. Denying that “allah” has a son, they even take His name when its needed to turn the Christian World against Israel.

Watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, and supporters of Israel. Please do not sleep, but stay vigilant.