Sheffield shopping center believes that allowing a Christian ‘flash mob’ at Christmas would compromise its impartiality.

Do not ask for permission to preach or display the gospel in public.

Shops across the country may be bedecked with seasonal decorations and Christmas greetings.

But one of Europe’s largest shopping centres says it cannot allow a Christian ‘flash mob’ because of concerns over impartiality.

According to an Anglican blogger Cranmer’s Curate, the Meadhowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield has refused permission for a choir to sing.

They wanted to share “the kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever” in its food court.

Local Christians were inspired to attempt a Christmas flash mob in the shopping center after a choir did something similar in the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario, Canada.

Last week a flash mob choir surprised commuters in Sheffield train station when they emerged from the crowds to sing a medley of Christmas carols on the main concourse.

Source: Christian Today

My reply:

The UK Christians have totally misunderstood the meaning of the concept of “flash mob”. This is not a form of public gathering, that needs a permission from the establishment to take place.

Christians who wants to sing carols inside a Shopping mall, just have to enter and sing.

Let the leadership throw you out, if they have the guts to do so. Let them call the police, and get you arrested.

Sung and preached. That is what Jesus would have done inside today’s shopping centers. Told people to get out of these Temples of fleshy, worldly empires of materialism.