Nearly 60 people have been killed in a series of attacks by US drones in the past 24 hours in Pakistan’s Khyber tribal district, officials say.

If you are online, Washington can send a robot to kill you. Anytime.

At least 50 died in three unmanned air strikes in the Tirah Valley, a day after seven others were killed nearby.Security officials say all the dead in the attacks are militants – a claim that cannot be independently confirmed.

Source: BBC

My comment:

If you have a GPS in your mobile phone, a Drone can attack you and kill you at any time. The technology is there, and active.

The temptation that comes with modern technology, is also a new security risk for people who are in opposition to  the establishment.

The Wikeleak leader has been “electronically tagged” in the UK, to keep him safe within range of the court.  The truth is that we are all tagged, and our whereabouts are known to the Government.

When the Government turns hostile, they just send a cyber attacker to silence you.