WikiLeaks: Peru hired Petah Tikva firm to fight guerrillas

Leaked US diplomatic cables show Peru paid USD 9 million to Israeli consultants to help fight Shining Path Maoist insurgents in 2009.

Confused people beleive Maoism will liberate them from evil. Only Jesus can save them.

Peru signed a USD 9 million contract last year with an Israeli consulting firm for help in combating insurgents affiliated with the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) Maoist organization, according to a diplomatic US cable published on Wednesday by Wikileaks.

The Petah Tikva-based Global CST company is headed by Maj.-Gen. (res.) Israel Ziv, a former head of the IDF Operations Directorate.

The cable, written by the US ambassador to Peru, analyzes government attempts to combat Sendero Luminoso insurgents, who were believed in late 2009 to have received new weaponry stolen from Peruvian security forces.

The cable details efforts Lima was making to stop the terrorist attacks and how it signed a deal with an Israeli general named Baruch Ziv, “who promised to help Peru defeat SL in the Apurimac- Ene River Valley once and for all.”

The ambassador apparently confused Ziv’s first name with Baruch.

Global CST is active in close to a dozen nations on three continents. Recent news reports have put it in Mexico, Peru, Guinea and in a number of countries in Europe.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

It is not in Israels favor,  that the Military complex supports dictators around the World with technology and intelligence to fight popular revolts.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower left the Oval Office in 1961, warning the American people against the iron triangle, a force who are the real enemy of the people. The triangle is made up by the weapons industry, the Pentagon and the power seats in Washington. Eisenhower knew what he was talking about. He was a five star US General.

The World is under the joke of the Prince of the World, the devil. He has many children.

Make no mistake:

Also elements up towards the top level of IDF are involved in military activity outside Israel, that will bring judgment on those who participate.

Jesus said: Bless your enemy. In other words: Do not slaughter him.

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