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Dear readers.

Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

When our Master told me to start this blog, I had no idea where he wanted to lead me. But I followed Him, without raising objections.

This was mid March 2009.

A few days ago, News That Matters had its one million visitor.

There are now 3.500 visitors daily. 100.000 visitors a month.

This online Newspaper has been launched without any costly investments. The contributors including my self do not receive any payment, but the joy in our Heart of exposing the truth.

There will be lesser articles in the next two weeks. I need to take some rest, the first one since I started to publish News That Matters.

May Jesus the Messiah always keep you safe. May he continue to rebuke you and discipline you, in the moment you take a step away from the path He has planned for you.  Amen.

The numbers of monthly viewers have been crossing 100.000. I want to thank all of you.If any of you want to become co-editor, send me an email.

Till the day I see you all in Heaven. Walk safely close to Him.

14 thoughts on “One Million visitors on News That Matters

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  1. Congratulation on your blog Ivar, if just one soul gets saved it was worth it. No doubt God is pleased with your endeavors. I’m still curious where you are from? I guess only to appreciate where your knowledge comes from as well as your surroundings. I hope you enjoy your break. Merry Christmas my friend as you say Shalom. May God Bless you and your family this holiday season.

    You asked me the other day if my friends who are catholic believe that they are going to heaven. Yes they do. My friends grew up in Catholic schools but have been scared by the catholic church. They claim to be Catholic but they do not attend Catholic church outside of Christmas and Easter. Does that make sense.

    What do you suggest? Is there a prayer to denouce Catholicism? Is it just about repentance in addition to seeking a new church?

    Just curious what kind of articles are you looking for? Maybe I could contribute to your research?

    1. Dear Richard.


      You wrote:

      They claim to be Catholic but they do not attend Catholic church outside of Christmas and Easter. Does that make sense.

      My comment:

      The issue is not what people claim to be. The question is who you are. If you do not have a clue of how to get saved, you are not a Christian. If you do not understand what Jesus did no the cross, you are either ignorant, or you have been deceived.

      I am a Norwegian by birth. A former Viking, a saved wreck. I am going to end up in Heaven to be with Jesus forever. Not because of anything I can do for Him, but because what He has done for me. Only.

      1. Well that makes two of us. Im a saved wreck as well.

        Ignorant or deceived?

        Ivar I know who I am in christ and I know what he did for me on the cross I’m not worried about my salvation and I’m not worried about your salvation. You asked me about my catholic friends who claim to be christian do think they are going to heaven yes they do. Do they know what Jesus did on the cross yes I think they do. I cant know for sure because I’m not them.

        The only thing I can do as a friend is alert them to the deception with in the Catholic church and encourage them to repent and leave. I was only asking your opinion in regards to what you tell your catholic friends? Do you suggest them to repent?

        I dont think you mean to be sarcastic but you do come accross sarcastic at times. I was only trying to pay you a compliment by saying I’m sure God is was pleased with your work. I will try and refrain from giving them as I guess you dont appreciate them.

        This website can be a tough crowd sometimes at times.

      2. Dear Richard.


        I did not try to be sarcastic. The question to a Catholic is very simple: If you die today, where will you go?

        You might become surprised, by their answer. If they say: ” To Heaven, because Jesus have paid in full for my sins”, they are not “Catholics” but Christians. They are not “Catholic”, because the Roman Catholic Church teach that salvation of men before purgatory is not possible. Man has to first die, be sent to this cleansing fire, and the prayer of the Church, priests and “saints” shall cleanse them from their sins.

        This hot fire of purgatory does not exist. This is the fire of Hell, and prayer of “faithful” Catholics will have no impact on souls who ended up in this eternal place.

        The “gospel of Jesus”, according to the Pope, is a falsehood. A different gospel. The Pope sends thousands of Catholics to Hell every day. That is basically the job of an antichrist.

      3. My apologies I misunderstood. I had no idea that the Catholic church teaches that man has to first die, be sent to this cleansing fire, and the prayer of the Church, priests and shall cleanse them from their sins. That’s just rediculous!

        The more I learn about the Catholic church the more I get angry about their deception. Its just unbelievable. This has been such a learning experience for me.

    1. Dear Sue.


      You are welcome to become one of my co-editors anytime. New That Matters needs more sharp writers, that can bring the truth to the next million.

      1. Dear Sue.


        Sign up for WordPress, like you are going to start a new blog. Next I will invite you to join as a Co-editor of News That Matters. I hope and pray that Jesus the Messiah will create a new team of 3-4 faithful followers and daily publishers.

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