Knesset speaker: Israel’s leaders act like dogs

The leadership in Israel is playing games. They do not lead, but give the people what they want, whatever it is.

The speaker in the Knesset is not impressed with the present leadership in Israel.

This is the verdict of the speaker in the Knesset, ‪‪Reuven Rivlin‬‬. The senior Likud politician used a particularly unkind analogy to slam current-day Israeli leadership. The Knesset speaker recalls his beloved dog, says leaders look back to see what people want instead of leading the way‬‬.

“I had several dogs during my life. The most beloved was Stephan. It would always walk ahead of me, run ahead of me with his tail up…until he would reach a junction where one path led left and the other right. When he would reach that junction, he wouldn’t know where I want to go,” Rivlin said. “It would then start to play games, yawning as if it was tired, waiting to see where I wish to go. Once he did, he would immediately overtake me and again raise its tail and head, as if he’s leading me”.

“Today, the leaders look back at the people in order to see what the people want,” Rivlin then added. “How do they do this? It’s very simple. If public opinion on that day wants peace, we say peace. If public opinion wants us to get tough with the Arabs, we’re tough with the Arabs that day. If they want us to be democratic, we’re democratic. If they want us to be communist or Bolshevik, we do that too.”

Rivlin completed his fable by highlighting the bottom line, charging that at this time it doesn’t matter what the leaders want for the people. Leaders mostly care about what the people want, so they can get their votes, he concluded.


My comment:

Politics is dirty business.

If the majority of the people of Israel wants to turn the country into a casino, I guess the majority in the Knesset would have approved that idea.

In the days of Sinai, the majority of the people of Israel wanted to dance around a golden calf.

If Moses had listen to the public opinion, this idol would have been standing in Jerusalem today. Worshiped and adored.

The Bible say the people of Israel is a stiff necked people. Either they like it or not, God will force them to worship His Son. On the day of His return, they will have no other options.

Just before His arrival the state of Israel will look like the greatest conzentration camp ever. With more than 50.000 rockets at its border, ready to fulfill what Hitler did not manage in the Holocaust. A Nuclear Iran will be like the apple in the pie.

The leadership in Israel have to make God of Israel their Master. Today their god is in their stomach and their bank accounts.

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