Catholics invites to Inter-religious prayer meetings in India

Roman Catholics in India arrange interfaith prayer meetings. “Forgiveness and love, that are necessary for establishing lasting peace”.

People who believe in the One World religion say man do not need the blood of Jesus to be saved. His death on the cross are pointless. (Photo: Illustration, not from the event in Goa.

The Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol in the Indian state of Goa organized its annual inter-religious prayer meeting, on Gandhi Jayanti afternoon.  This meeting at the seminary auditorium assumed special significance this year as the seminary celebrates the 4th centenary of its establishment.

The theme chosen for the day’s reflections was: ‘Union with God, Values in Life“. Then Fr Donato Rodrigues, the acting-Rector, extended a warm welcome to all those present for the evening’s celebration.

Mr Venktesh Naik Gaonkar, represented the Hindu faith, Mr Iqbal Mohiddin, the Islamic religion, and Mr Anselm Pereira, represented the Catholics.

Quoting from The Bhagavad Gita, Mr Gaonkar, from Ponda, and an ex-assistant commissioner of transport, Maharashtra, highlighted the need for human concurrence with the divine law.

Explaining the all-embracing nature of the Hindu philosophy, Mr Gaonkar stressed the need for inculcating values like kindness, tenderness, love and humility, which are essential for human well being.

Speaking on behalf of the Muslim community, Mr Mohiddin, a businessman from Vasco, emphasised on “the values of unity and peace, which are the need of the hour in our country today.”

He spoke on how the world today gives more importance to materialism than lasting virtues. The meeting concluded with a fellowship, wherein the participants interacted with one another over a cup of tea and snacks.

Source: The Navhind Times.

My comment:

The name of Jesus is deleted from such meetings. The Roman Catholics deny the cross, and tell Hindus and Muslims that they can be saved by their gods.

This is Satanic wickedness, presented by claimed to be Christians.

This is another proof that the Catholic religion is a copy-cat religious movement, that make a mockery out of the gospel. Their copy of “Jesus” is an invention from the bottomless pit.

The truth is that the One World religion, will guide all who believe this is the truth, into the eternal flames of hell. With the Catholic Bishops leading the parade into the abyss.

Take also a look at this video, who I found on Sueliz blog.

7 thoughts on “Catholics invites to Inter-religious prayer meetings in India

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  1. WOW! Look at that!! The ECUMENICAL RELIGION is sure moving fast and a rabbi with them? Does he know what lies in store for him from God??

    Goa, a small state on the west coast of India, steeped in paganism, embedded in Catholicism no doubt was an easy target for wolves. God help the ignorant people of Goa.

    1. Dear Jes


      The picture is not from the ecumenical gathering in Goa, India. But there are multiple events like this, taking place on a global scale. I will correct the picture text.

    1. PutYHWH1st,

      With all due respect, most of your posts are confusing.

      And who is Benjamin Creme?

      Correct me if I’m wrong please, To me, it seems that you follow yourself, and always manage to posts your own meaning of things, and not the meaning of what Christ wrote.

      1. Sue,

        I saw the You Tube vid. That is horrible. How many people follow this fake, and he’s leading all of them into the eternal pit.

        I thank Jesus Christ, for giving us the sign of the end times. There seems to be more and more false deceivers, preaching a false gospel, as we get closer to the coming of Jesus Christ.

        God Bless

      2. Dear Sue.


        Benjamin Creme is an amazing false prophet. He build his religion on signs that are foretold in the Bible, to lead people into the One World Religion.

        There will be mighty signs happening to the Sun and moon, and when Jesus returns He will be shining like the sun, coming with full power and glory

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