“Delegitimization a greater threat than HizbAllah”. We must get a peace deal.

Ehud Barak does what Hussein Obama tells him to do. They are brothers in arms, and share the same view on Islam as being a trustworthy peace partner.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak seems to be the acting Prime Minister of Israel, visiting the US promoting his own political agenda.

“We will have serious discussions in the coming month on security, borders, Jerusalem, refugees,” the defense minister told reporters in Washington Monday. “The mechanisms will be resolved in the coming weeks.”

Though Barak received a rebuke from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when in a speech in Washington on Friday night he said that Jerusalem would need to be divided in a final peace agreement – after which Netanyahu denied it was government policy — the defense minister played down the exchange Monday.

“We don’t need to reveal all our positions before negotiations,” he said, though he reaffirmed his comments before the Saban Forum on Friday.

Barak spent Monday meeting with Defense Secretary Bob Gates, CIA director Leon Panetta, senior White House advisor Dennis Ross and Vice President Joe Biden after spending Sunday in New York.

He said the conversation with Gates focused on the strong American commitment to Israel’s security and the need to maintain its Qualitative Military Edge.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Ehud Barak was surely a brilliant General. But he is a hopeless politician. The solution he promotes, has already been tried. It was a political failure, that brought disaster up on the state of Israel during the second intifada.

Israel can never get peace by giving up Jewish land. The surrender of Gish Katif in Gaza, lead the way for a Hamas takeover of Gaza.

If Israel give up East Jerusalem, this party of the capital of Israel will become a second Gaza. And if Samaria is given back under Islamic occupation, than Tel Aviv and Haifa will be next.

Only a strong Israel who put their trust in God of the Bible can stand up to the pressure of Islam. A Post-Christian West will end up supporting the evil forces of Islam. Together they will be judged and sent to Hell the day the Messiah returns.