Abbas support Genocide criminal in Sudan

“We have complete faith in the wisdom of President Omar Al-Bashir.”

Abu Mazen supports "the wisdom" of Omar Al-Bashir, who has massacred his own people.

These are the words of PA Chairman Abu Mazen, alies Mammod Abbas.

PA TV reported on Nov. 28 that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has expressed his personal support for the president of Sudan, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, who is accused of being responsible for the genocide in Darfur.
In a letter to the Sudanese president, Abbas wrote that he and Palestinians “have complete faith in the wisdom of President Omar Al-Bashir.”

Source: Palestinian Media Watch

My comment:

There have been many genocides, and we have to be careful to rank who has the most satanic.

But few of them have been more spectacular and cruel after Word War II, than the genocide in Darfur.

That the PA Chairman hail other fascists, should not come a surprise for all who listen this Holocaust denier and Jew-hater.

Bird of the same feather, flock together.

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