Jerusalem: Dozens wave Hamas flags on Temple Mount

Dozens of people embarked on a procession at the end of the Friday prayer at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, waving Hamas flags.

Hamas normally parade their flag in Gaza. Their last parade was in Jerusalem, on top of the Temple Mount.

Meanwhile, dozens of youths marched in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.

The security forces are preparing for a possible riot. Two firefighting teams are putting out a Molotov cocktail thrown at a guarding post in Silwan. There have been no reports of injuries. (Yair Altman)


My comment:

Everything seems to be permitted to mock God, as long as its puts pressure on the Jews, to give up Zionism and half of Jerusalem.

I wonder what would have been written in the Word media, if there was a parade on the Temple Mount, of Jews waiving Israeli flags?

Let me give you a hint:

“Israel insults Worlds Muslims”.

After the Islamic terrorists paraded their flags on the same site, the World responds with total silence.

The Jews in fact has their chance to evict Islamic oppression from the Temple Mount in 1967. But the secular Israeli leadership blew it.

This is the painful truth.

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