Wikileaks: Saudi princes engage in sex, drug parties

According to leaked diplomatic cables, secret, underground parties involving alcohol, prostitutes are “thriving, throbbing.”

Wher's the party tonight. A Saudi Prince welcomes Hillary Clinton to the Islamic kingdom of sin. There seems to be no end of its wickedness.

United States diplomats have described a world of “sex, drugs and alcohol” in which the official religious individuals of Saudi Arabian loyalties engage in, according diplomatic cables recently published by Wikileaks on Wednesday.

According to the leaked dispatches, officials from the Jeddah consulate detailed an underground Halloween party in which alcohol and prostitutes were readily available. The party, attended by over 150 Saudi men and women mostly in their twenties and thirties, was organized by a member of the Saudi royalty, a wealthy prince from the Al Thunayan family.

The party was held in a heavily secured villa and some of the funding was contributed by a US energy drink. The diplomat recommended the prince’s identity remain secret.

The dispatch was signed off by Martin Quinn, the consul in Jeddah.

“Alcohol, though strictly prohibited by Saudi law and custom, was plentiful at the party’s well-stocked bar,” explained the cable. “The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using sadiqi, a locally-made “moonshine”. It was also learned through word-of-mouth that a number of the guests were in fact ‘working girls’, not uncommon for such parties.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

If you reject Jesus, God of the Bible will make you a slave to sin. Only by obeying Him, you will avoid bringing a curse up on your own head.

Islam has rejected that God the Father has a divine Son, equal to Him self.

This is the ultimate sin of falsification. The Koran is simply not the truth.

By its rejection of the truth about Saudi Arabia, the leadership in the United States have also become a spiritual prostitute.

Its ugly, its wicked, unlimited sin with the big American corporates as sponsors.

5 thoughts on “Wikileaks: Saudi princes engage in sex, drug parties

  1. The “party” is over for the United States. The revolution that has started in the streets of England and Australia as well as other parts of Europe will be coming to our streets in the US in 2011. Wake up America, take a good look at our beloved country. Chaos is at the very door while the people slumber.

    1. Dear Donald.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      The end will take them by surprise, and spoil the party. They will be ruled by an iron rod, judged and thrown into Hell.

      Just before Jesus returns, the party will be like in the days of Noah. The mockers live in a pit of sin.

  2. WOW Ivar,

    Each news article is worse than the other. I guess its only going to get worse and worse till the King of Israel, Yeshua Messiah arrives.

    1. Dear Jes.


      When the church fails or sleeps, Jesus will use Wikileaks. We live in the age of apostasy, fake and falsehood. I guess there is a need for more watchmen who are not dozy or corrupt.

  3. So, what is news about this. In the early 70s I worked with a man who arranged the get togethers for the Democratic Party political conventions and he told me that politicians were all a bunch of bums. That he supplied them with alcohol, drugs, and whores all the way up to the vice-presidential level.

    If anyone thinks that politicians will be the ones to solve our community problems think again. More than not they make good, not do good.

    My 2 cents,

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