– We are competent on studies of Holy Scriptures, explains Trygve Wyller.

Theologians in Norway wants to promote studies of Islam in Norway.

Trygve Whyller is on of the leaders of Theological institute of the University of Oslo. The educational institute was founded to educate young Norwegian men to become Lutheran priests.

Now, the Institute wants to widen its horizons. Even though the Norwegian Parliament declined to raise funds for Islam studies, the Lutheran clergy wants to learn more about Islam.

– We want to develop tools on different topics, in fact seminars in what we will call “Theological studies in Islam”, explains Wyller.

The leaders on the University of Oslo has in principle voiced support for the idea of establishing studies in Islam, based on the University’s competence within Arabian languages, culture, politics, and interpretation of Holy scripture.

– Why do you wish to start Islam studies?

– The demand in the Norwegian society is on the rise. We have got Islam as a part of our close environment, and many have no knowledge about Islamic theology. This is a responsibility of the society, claims Wyller.

Source: Norwegian Newspaper “Vårt Land”

My comment:

The Institute of Theology at the University of Oslo should get funds from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi King and the Imam’s in Mecca, will be more than happy to receive a formal request, from the Lutheran priests.  The Saudis will surely be impressed, and open Mecca for studies in Biblical Christianity, I presume.

That it is the responsibility of Lutheran theologians, to promote Islam, is a completely misunderstanding of their calling.  The next they should study in the Lutheran circles, is “Holy books of Hinduism”. There are surely many New Agers in Norway, that will feel left out of this exclusive club of theologians in Norway.