Bolkenstein: “No future” for Jews in Holland

“I see no future for recognizable Jews, in particular because of anti-Semitism, specifically in Dutch Moroccans, who continue to grow in number.”

Right winger Fritz Bolkenstein is telling the Jews to "escape" from Holland.

This is the warning from Frits Bolkenstein, published in the Dutch magazine Elsevier.

The magazine reported on Tuesday that Former European Union Commissioner and leader of the right-wing VVD party  recommended that Dutch Jews should emigrate to Israel or the US.

Bolkenstein defined a “recognizable Jew” as one who wears a kippa or payot and added that many Arab TV stations in the Netherlands contribute to the spread of anti-Semitism.

“The Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues to fester,” Bolkestein said. “I foresee no quick solution, and anti-Semitism will continue to exist. Moroccan and Turkish young people won’t care about the measures to combat it”


My comment:

Bolkenstein seems to be one of these hunters, that God of the Bible use to send His chosen people back home to Zion.

I am not saying that Bolkenstein is a righteous man. God can use both the righteous and the wicked, to fulfill His plans.

To “escape” to the US, would be a grave mistake for any Jew. Soon the last hunters will appear there also.

Behold: Jesus the Messiah is returning to Israel, to rescue the Jews from all their enemies. Bolkenstein might very well end up as one of them.  Only Jesus can save Him.

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