Report: Hezb”Allah missiles can reach Tel Aviv

The Iranian controlled terrorist organization has 50.000 rockets ready to slaughter Jews. Iran also gives 23 million USD to Hamas every month.

The Israeli air force must destroy the Iranian scud missiles inside Lebanon, before they are used to slaughter Jews.

New York Times quotes Pentagon official as saying Lebanese Shiite group has 50,000 rockets and missiles. This includes some 40 to 50 Fatah-110 missiles, 10 Scud-D missiles; able sent by Clinton reprimands Assad for supplying arms. ‬‬

‪‪Egypt accuses Iran of providing USD 25 million a month to Hamas‬‬

US diplomats play a major role in trying to prevent arms from reaching world hotspots, but cables released to The New York Times show an uphill battle against the likes of Iran, Syria and North Korea.

In one cable given to the paper by WikiLeaks, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is reprimanded for supplying sophisticated weapons to the Shiite terror group Hezbollah one week after providing assurances he would not.


My comment:

The enemy of mankind has supplied Hizb”Allah with 50.000 rockets.

There are scrupulous peddlers of the devils money, who have corrupted their hearts, and are destined for the flames of Hell.

There is no limit of the Western Politicians who are involved in high treason. The US State Department is considering this Islamic terrorist organization as a possible “peace partner” in the Middle East.

The Obama Administration do acknowledge that Hizb”Allah does a lot of good work. They are included in the Cabinet in Lebanon, and have “social workers” all over south Lebanon.

Because of all this filth and evil thrown up on her by the World, Israel seems to have no other option that to strike first in another war in Lebanon.

The World has failed to honor UN resolution’s that guarantied a demilitarized Zone, in the areas that earlier has been used by PLO to fire rockets into Israel.

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