Mike Huckabee: “Kill the whistle blower”

Republican presidential hopeful wants the person responsible for the WikiLeaks cables to face capital punishment for treason.

Mike Huckabee has the right view on Jerusalem, but defend hypocrisy in the US Government. Here praying in Jerusalem.

The Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has called for whoever leaked the 250,000 US diplomatic cables to be executed.

Huckabee, who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination at the last election but is one of the favourites for 2012, joined a growing number of people demanding the severest punishment possible for those behind the leak, which has prompted a global diplomatic crisis.

His fellow potential Republican nominee Sarah Palin had already called for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be “hunted down”, and an adviser to the Canadian prime minister has echoed her comments.

Mick Huckabee.

Huckabee said: “Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason, and I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty.”

He added, according to Politico: “They’ve put American lives at risk. They put relationships that will take decades to rebuild at risk. They knew full well that they were handling sensitive documents they were entrusted”.

Bradley Manning, a US army intelligence analyst suspected of leaking the diplomatic cables, is currently being held at a military base. He has been charged with transferring classified data and delivering national defence information to an unauthorised source. He faces a court martial and up to 52 years in prison.

Source: UK. The Guadian.

My comment:

If Bradley Manning is the source of Wikileaks, he has surely broken US Laws. But I fully understand Him. As a Cosmic Top Secret cleared US Army analyst, He must have been bugged with all the falsehood and hypocrisy among World leaders.

That a past Southern Baptist like Mike Huckabee calls for death penalty for whoever is the whistle blower, shows the wickedness of American Christian leaders. Huckabee  is one of the lighthouses of Conservative Evangelicals in the US, presented as a true Friend of Israel.

Huckabee seems to be of the opinion, that the World needs to be deceived, and that all the hypocrites should not be touched. Only people who tell the truth about the rotten US Government should face persecution and slaughter.

2 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee: “Kill the whistle blower”

    1. Dear Sue.


      I am very, very disappointed. Huckabee is one of the US Politicians who stand with the organization united Jerusalem. But even having the Biblical correct views on Israel, does not make a man righteous. There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy in the Biblical camp.

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