Germany returned to Nazi-tactics to fight Israel

If Israel did not freeze Zionism, Germany wanted the US to get its leadership on trial for war crimes in Gaza.

Angela Merkel has chosen a Neo-Nazi as her security adviser. Here the duo travel together.

The Hamas in Gaza and the government of Germany secretly work together against Israel. This tragic fact is exposed in one of the secret US-German diplomatic cables, made public by Wikileaks.

Two weeks before Israel’s cabinet decided on a settlement construction freeze in November 2009, German National Security Adviser Christoph Heusgen urged the U.S. to threaten Prime Minister Netanyahu.

If the Israeli Prime Minister did not agree to a moratorium, Washington would withdraw its support for blocking a vote on the Goldstone Report at the UN Security Council.

According to a telegram published by WikiLeaks, Heusgen met with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon and U.S. Ambassador to Germany Philip Murphy on Nov. 10, 2009, to discuss the matter.

“He [Heusgen] suggested pressuring Netanyahu by linking favorable UNSC treatment of the Goldstone Report to Israel committing to a complete stop in settlement activity.”

The American officials were surprised by the proposal and said that such linkage would be counterproductive.

Source: Haaretz.

A Knight Commander of Napoleon

German National Security Adviser Christoph Heusgen is not just a private citizen.

German security adviser Heusegen (right) in Paris to be knighted.

Heusgen is a Knight commander of the French Order “Légion d’honneur”, that was established by Napoleon Bonaparte on 19th of May 1802.

Not so surprisingly, a Roman Catholic Cardinal named Joseph Ratzinger was knighted with the same order in 1998.

The medal given to the Commanders of Napoleon.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a traitor of the Human race. Like Hitler he wanted to rule the World, and caused millions to be crippled and suffer in a Pan-European war.  Napoleon was finally arrested, exiled and died on the island of St. Helena in 1821.

Source: Wikipedia.

My Comment:

That Islamic terrorist organizations wants to see the Israeli leadership persecuted for war crimes in Gaza, is not a big surprise.

But who could have guessed, that it was Berlin who suggested that Obama should blackmail Israel by mixing two separate issues?

That Germany secretly support such extremism within Radical Islam, might wake up some of you sleepers.

The French Government wants World leaders like Heusgen to be knights of Napoleon.

Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler was one of the strongest German supporters of Islam ever. They were a perfect match, because they had a common goal of getting rid of all the Jews in the World.

There seems to be very little new under the German sun.

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