Rick Warren helps W. Bush to sell books

Pastor Rick Warren took the former US President on stage to make a killer for “W’s” new book.

Rick Warren turned a Mega Church i into a dent of thief's and robbers. Bush have 100.000 Iraqis on this head, and made America loose 1 Trillion USD.

Amid scattered protests, former president admits ‘shamelessly peddling my book’ and says he read the Bible daily while in office.

In a discussion that ranged over the power of prayer, the financial bailout and Vladimir Putin’s soul, former President George W. Bush took his national book tour into friendly territory Monday with an appearance at Saddleback Church in Orange County.

Bush drew cheers and sustained applause over the course of an hourlong conversation with Pastor Rick Warren, himself a bestselling author (“The Purpose Driven Life”) and perhaps most widely known for having delivered the invocation at President Obama’s inauguration.

Bush conceded that he was “shamelessly peddling my book,” a memoir of his two terms in office called “Decision Points.” He joked that reaction to it has been “slight shock.… A lot of people didn’t think I could read, much less write.”

About two dozen protesters gathered outside the Saddleback campus in Lake Forest, carrying banners and signs with such slogans as, “Torture Is NOT a Christian Value.” Twice during Bush’s talk, women stood up and shouted until they were escorted out. It was impossible for the vast majority of the 3,100 people in attendance to hear what the protesters were saying.

Speaking of faith, Bush told Warren that he read the Bible every morning of his presidency, adding: “I think religion is discipline.” He said it wasn’t easy to reconcile the ego necessary to run for president with the humility needed to be religious.

“Here’s what I was confronted with: Depression, no depression. Pretty stark, isn’t it?” he said.

Addressing the audience, he added: “I decided to use your money to bail out Wall Street, and I was really unhappy about it, but nonetheless I do believe that decision saved the country from a depression.”

He recalled his first meeting with Putin, Russia’s then-president, which led to the famous Bush comment that he had looked into Putin’s eyes and “was able to get a sense of his soul.” He said he was thinking of a discussion he had with Putin about a cross.

Still, he conceded that when people accused him of being naïve, “I probably deserved it.”

Source: Los Angeles Times.

My comment:

The list of the public sins of Georg W. Bush in long, and Rick Warren sees to be less interested in calling the former president to repent or perish.

Bush has never admitted that he lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. This was a fatal blunder that lead to the murder of 100.000 Iraqi civilian’s in an unwanted war.

Bush and his colleges has spent more than one trillion USD on bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He has approved of torture of prisoners of war, and during his presidency millions of Americans become homeless because of merciless spending of money on war and destruction.

Still Rick Warren has no shame, promoting this past US President as a “Christian” without confronting him.

The next person to appear on stage in Saddleback Church should be the Pope. He also has book’s to sell.

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