Norwegian deputy minister desired pervert priest over Bishop

“Let us keep priest Gelius. We can manage without Bishop Kvarme”.

The Norwegian minister with the deputy on her right.

Guri Størvold used her Facebook to express support for the perverted Lutheran priest Einar Gelius.  Størvold is the deputy Interior Minister of Norway.

Priest Einar Gelius has resigned after Størvold’s message of support. Gelius was the priest that lead the confirmation ritual when 15 year old Størvold was suppose to take a stand for Jesus.

Facbook is a major place for petty gossips, also in the form of ministerial messages.

The support from the Interior Ministry could not save Gelius. The priest was finally removed by the claimed to be Conservative Lutheran Bishop Kvarme.

Fired priest Einar Gelius.

Gelius was removed after claiming that the Bible supports  prostitution, group sex, homosexuality and porno. The former Lutheran priest has also released a book where he writes about his adulterous life, and his experiences with perverse forms of sexuality.

Source: Norwegian Newspaper VG.

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