End time religion unites Islam and Catholicism in Jordan

Muslim and “Christian” children gathered in Amman on Saturday evening for interfaith prayers to highlight solidarity between the two religions and fight poverty.

Jordanian children deceived by Imam's and priests pray to a false "god" that has no equal Son. May Jesus the Messiah open their hearts and minds.

At the event, held as part of World Day of Prayer and Action for Children, followers of both faiths underlined religious principles compelling people to protect and support vulnerable children.

Holding candles in their hands, Muslim and “Christian” children took turns praying for peace, prosperity and unity among people of all colours and backgrounds.

Muslim and Christian religious leaders also took part in the one-day event to demonstrate solidarity with the children of the world.

Hamdi Murad, an Islamic scholar from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, said solidarity between Muslims and Christians is critical to help each other overcome economic and social difficulties.
“As we look at such initiatives to help feed, educate and clothe our children, we understand the true message of Islam and Christianity, to stand united in the face of difficulties,” he said on the sidelines of the event.

“Nobody can call himself a believer until they desire good for others as much as they desire good for themselves,”

Murad added.
Pastor Qais Sadeq, one of the event organisers, said it is imperative to instil in children moral values based on common humanity and shared goals.

“Our children, Muslims and Christians, carry this message of solidarity,” he said.

As part of the event, initiated by NGO Arigatou International, organisers launched the “bag of love campaign”, a donation drive designed to provide impoverished children with food donations.

World Day of Prayer and Action for Children is an initiative held annually on Universal Children’s Day with the aim of protecting children and improving their well-being.

The interfaith prayer and celebration was one of several events held across the globe to observe Universal Children’s Day.

Source: Jordan Times.

My comment:

The religious people in Jordan wants to help “each other overcome economic and social difficulties”.

That seems to be a nobel thought. But to be frank: If that is the goal of their faith, they should start a political party.

Because God hates sin. Sin is the problem between a holy Father in Heaven, and the beings he created in his likeness.  The only remedy for sins, is the blood of God the Son, Jesus of Nazareth.

Islam claim that “allah” has no Son, and claims God of the Bible to be a false god.

Catholics are a part of this universal falsehood, that have made the Bible null and void.

Christians should not pray with people who call God a liar. They have made the devil their father.

One thought on “End time religion unites Islam and Catholicism in Jordan

  1. It must be remembered too that Queen Rania of Jordon is a member of the AOC(The Alliance of Civilisation) run by the UN. Check it out and see how many countries are friends or members of this end times organisation that wants to bring the worlds cultures and faiths together under one umbrella. This is happening now. So abve to me is a AOC propaganda event.

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