WikiLeaks: Barak wanted to gift Gaza to Mahmoud Abbas

Ehud Barak offered Mahmoud Abbas military assistance  to take back Gaza. The US and Saudi sponsored Islamic terrorist said “no thank you”.

Both Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Barack are on the same team. They work for a United Nation inspired "peace plan" backed by the US and Saudi Arabia.

WikiLeaks documents is not only exposing the highly corrupt US State Department. The documents are also exposing their main collaborators. ‬‬

WikiLeaks documents, released Sunday in various newspapers, reveal that Defense Minister Ehud Barak tried to coordinate Operation Cast Lead with the Palestinian Authority and Egypt. Barak asked if they could take over the control of the Gaza Strip after an expected Israeli victory during Operation Cast Lead.

Barak was met with refusal‬‬.

The document, written at the beginning of June 2009, notes that Barak said the PA was weak and had no self-confidence. He added that then US Security Coordinator for Israel and Palestine General Keith Dayton was trying to improve PA confidence.


My comment:

‪‪Unfortunately for Ehud Barack, he is again exposed of being playing dirty games to please the USA. He seems to be less interested in the people of Gaza being liberated from Islamic oppression. Neither will he protect Jewish land in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem from being gifted to Islam. ‬‬

Barak lead Israel into a war in Gaza he did not plan to win. Israel could not remove Hamas, simply because other Islamic forces do take pleasure in this “high Hamas pressure” on Israel.

Can there be any better proof that they all work for the same goal of destroying Israel, but have different roles to play?

‪‪Barack works together with the US to get the Saudi Arabian “peace plan” for the Middle East enforced on both the people of Gaza and the Jewish people.  ‬Barak supports a map drawn up by Islamic members of The United Nation.

The Biblical map of Israel is the least of the concerns for the secular Israeli Minister of Defense.

It is amazing that an Israeli Defense Minister is occupied by boosting the moral in the al-Fatah camp. He should rather use his resources to weaken both the camps of Islamic terrorists that operates within Jewish properties, and other Islamic enemies on Israel’s borders.

It seems to be Barack’s view, that al-Fatha is a lesser evil than Hamas. He is wrong. It is better for Israel to face a devil with a true face, than an US sponsored devil with a mask.

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