Promised “Internet security” is a lie and a trap

After 250.000 “secret” diplomatic cables have been leaked: Why do you trust the Internet security offered to you?

Soon the micro chip inside your mobile will be implemented into your hand. You will be told that there it will be "safe".

The US diplomats who wrote messages on supposed to be secret data lines, were pretty sure that their views would never become public knowledge.

Calling Russian Prime Minister and strongman for “batman” is off course silly. But it exposes the media theater presented to us every day,  when World leaders shake hands. In the next moments they are like the royals in Pre World War II Europe. They curse each other, and stab each other in the back.

This is the present situation inside the elite of the World. The elite is rotten to its core.

During you next High Tea party, you need to seriously reflect on your personal computer life.

When millions of secret files can be hacked and mass distributed by Wikileaks, how safe is  your own personal information?

Biometric data can be copied by the reader it self, and your ID can be used by others using a simple cello tape.

How can you be sure that an enemy, does not steal your online ID?

In the good old days she could copy your message by simply be a silent listener.

What about someone hacking you Net bank account, and makes the balance -0- Zero?

What about leaking the emails you taught you sent to a confidential fried?

Are you sure no one can copy your “chat line”?

Most of us are already chained to the technology that controls our life.

Your are in this movement opening your life to be totally controlled by the final antichrist.

You seems to have no idea, that the Government can pint point your GPS location down to the chair you sit in.  When you gather with other Christians, the children of the devil will be able to track you down, and arrest your for “hate crimes” connected to preaching about Jesus as The Gate to Heaven or Hell.

We are again approaching the need for protection measures first explained to us it the book of Acts.  Christians who wants to survive the coming storm, needs to rapidly implement security measure, and protect the flock.  Please remember that it was impossible to meet the Apostles Peter, without first being filtered.

The most dangerous people we will face are false brethren. Wolfs who have copied a “Christian ID” and been able to penetrate our modern lines of defenses. Also the computerized lines of defense.

Do act wisely.

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  1. the govt is probably the one putting out all these “leaks” by order of the illumunati to help out the NWO get they can control the net and us and every thing we do.Yahuwah knows the number of hairs on our head. satan wants to use his puppet illuminati to be like the Most High Creator.–Knowing evrything about us.satan is a copy cat.a wannabe.satan and his ashtar council has lost already.we know the score of this his game.praise be to Yahushua.Amein.

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