Turkish Nazi-TV financed by Prime Minister Erdogan

The movie “Valley of the Wolves” is about a Turkish commando raid to “kill Zionists” as a revenge for the “Gaza flotilla” fiasco financed by Turkey.

Turkish Prime Minister Racap Tayyip Erdrogan.

In Turkish movie theaters, the trailer for “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine” is being shown ahead of the film’s release in January.

The plot is the dispatch of a Turkish hit team to take revenge on the Jews for the flotilla incident.

The first “Valley of the Wolves” movie, which some of Prime Minister Erdogan’s advisers financed and which his wife instructed all Turks to see, was deeply anti-American and anti-Semitic, depicting the Iraq War as motivated by the desire of Jewish Americans to sell Iraqi body parts to Israel.

Meanwhile, Turks readily acknowledge how Erdogan’s temper tantrum at Davos last year, in which he berated Israeli President Shimon Peres, was anything but spontaneous.

After Erdogan’s tantrum, thousands gathered at Istanbul airport waving Palestinian flags to greet Erdogan at 3 a.m.

Putting aside questions about how Turks magically find Palestinian flags at 3 a.m., an employee of a company doing work on the Istanbul metro related how he got word – before Erdogan’s appearance – that the metro would be open until 4 a.m. that day and would not close at midnight as normal.

How long will it be until President Obama recognizes that Prime Minister Erdogan is no friend but rather seeks to translate incitement into political popularity?

Source: Michael Rubin (National Review)

Link to Video: Valley of the Wolves – Palestine Trailer

My comment:

This Islamic Government of Turkey is an enemy of Western culture, democracy and freedom.

That Turkey produces neo Nazi movies that promotes slaughter of Jews as heroic acts, reminds us about the propaganda used by Joseph Goebbels.

That Turkey is a NATO member and a nation promoted for EU-membership, is a good example that Fascism again is tolerated.

The spirit of Fascism did survived its dismissal in Spain in 1974. It will soon return as fresh Turkish entertainment, you can watch on your satellite TV.

One thought on “Turkish Nazi-TV financed by Prime Minister Erdogan

  1. The US president is as genuine as this Turkish one, and either of them are what they present to the world, just ideologues determined to change the world to suit their philosophy. This is not good for the West. We have horrendous problems as it is with these Muslims seeping under the door into Europe with little to offer this continent by way of thanks. Uneducated for the most part, they produce large families (Where are the Greens on these huge numbers consuming more than the average family?]who will eventually become the cannon fodder to further the aims of this Erdogan. BO sits in the White House of the American people and peddles his yes we can trash at the uninformed and encourages the fantasies of the left wing useful idiots who wouldn’t work to warm themselves. What are these muslims\Turks doing living in Germany anyway, is their own sacred country not providing them with enough work to return home? A sure sign of a third world failed state when this happens, just like we see in the failed continent of Africa. We have enough of these people here in Europe, so shut the door.

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