The Roman Catholic Bishop who openly serves the devil

Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson denies that Jews were gassed in the Holocaust during World War II. The Vatican clergy has chosen a Nazi lawyer to defend him.

Bishop Richard Williamson was pardoned by the present Pope.

Controversial Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson is facing expulsion from his traditionalist order for hiring a lawyer linked to a neo-Nazi movement.

Williamson said in an interview which aired on Swedish TV in January 2009 that he didn’t believe Jews were gassed during World War II.

The interview aired the same day Pope Benedict XVI lifted Williamson’s excommunication, which he originally incurred for being ordained as a Bishop by an archbishop in a breakaway ultra-conservative order.

A Vatican Bishop who openly support Nazism.

Williamson was also convicted by a German court in April 2010 and fined €10,000 for his Holocaust comments.

In response to the latest controversy, the renegade Society of St. Pius X ordered Williamson to fire his lawyer, Wolfram Nahrath, who is a former leader of a German neo-Nazi group known as the Wiking-Jugend, or Viking Youth.

Pope Benedict XVI said in his new book to be released Tuesday that he never would have lifted the excommunication had he known about Williamson’s past.


My comment:

The so-called “Holy Roman Catholic Church” has a claimed to be “Holy Father” who commits horrible mistakes.

The present Pope lifted the ex-communication of Richard Williamson, despite knowing he is a Holocaust denier. That makes the Pope equally guilty of Holocaust denial as Williamson

Now the Pontiff has a loose gun on his deck. It will not be easy for the Vatican to put this genie back into the bottle.

8 thoughts on “The Roman Catholic Bishop who openly serves the devil

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    1. Dear Donald.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      The Pope has made him self infallible. But not free from all kind of mistakes. The RCC teach that the Pope is infallible in questions of correct understanding of the scriptures, and in his judgment on moral issues.

      The question of the Holocaust is surely a moral issue. And it should leave all Roman Catholic’s puzzling with the question, how the “Holy Father” has become such a criminal, giving pardon to a Nazi-Bishop, who has never shown any fruits of repentance.

  1. Right you are Donald,

    … and may I add …

    The Pope claims that he is in the place of Jesus Christ, and that he can forgive sins. But he is a man (mortal). However, his home is the Vatican of Babylonian origin, a trove of stolen treasures, built on the land of ill-repute and steeped in wickedness and horror beyond measure. His spiritual home being Hell.

    Jesus Christ is G-d most high, He is the One who is INFALLIBLE, No human being can ever take His place(PERIOD). All treasures in heaven and earth belong to Him, He Himself created them. His earthly home is the holy land Israel, His heavenly home is Heaven beyond the dome of our universe.

    Now if I match Jesus Christ and the pope together I’m coming up with JESUS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD & the pope the darkness. There is NO MATCH, so the pope is FALLIBLE.

    You said it well Donald …LOOKS LIKE THE VATICAN IS IN DEEP DO-DO . . . . AGAIN!

    And I say that the Vatican has worked real hard for the past 2000 years to make ‘DODOS’ out of people so that these poor saints never see the TRUTH and the LIGHT again – and this is truly sad.

    I pray more Catholics will hear the voice of God on high calling out “come out of her my people” – before its too late.

  2. Europeans are just Devil people can`t get rid of yourselves,can`t cast out yourselve Demons don`t cast out demons they ca`t european house is lost to Sin,Lucifer,own that whole house and you cannot get rid of him,You cannot Save are be Savedand they continue to lie and decieve its own people and they still say it the house of the lord,lol

    1. gt1085

      Your Comment: Europeans are just Devil people can`t get rid of yourselves

      My Comment: That’s a pretty universal statement. Surely, you agree that not all Europeans are “devil people.” There are Europeans who do serve Jesus Chrst, and there are Europeans who haven’t made up their mind yet, to serve Jesus Christ Our Savior.

  3. Demons are in High places in the white religion that why its a religion and not a Gospel,your church decieve you and are knowningly accepted in your church and have taken over it,every branch,coming out of european infected see the Demons on this page laugh at its own people,he knows you cannot be saved,Satan rules the world and your churches

  4. Right you are gt1085,

    Satan and his demons are everywhere particularly in high places. The angel of light who was created and given a name as ‘the light-bearer’ became so conceited that he commited covetousness by desiring the holy throne of God, and to be god, thereby defiling heaven. Of course we know through Isiah 14: & Ezekiel 28: how this once ‘light-bearer’ got his butt kicked real hard and was flung out of heaven and since then was given a new name called ‘HaSatan’ or ‘Satan’ which also means ‘destroyer’ and ‘Abaddon’ ‘beast’ of the bottomless pit in Revelation 9:11 (9:11 ?? that’s weird??)

    Re. your comment *** Europeans are just Devil people….***

    I say there are true followers of Jesus and also as you call ‘devil people’ everywhere in every nation, therefore to categorize a certain nation or even a state of a nation together is incorrect. However,
    keep your faith strong and pray for conversion of souls.

    Be blessed.

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