Israeli official confirms Hamas rockets can reach Tel Aviv

Hamas can reach Tel Aviv. Combined with the missiles of Hizb”Allah all of the Jewish state can be targeted.

Hamas fired 8.000 rockets into Israel from 2001 to 2009. Now they can reach Tel Aviv.

A senior Israeli intelligence official warned Sunday that the Hamas terror militia has stockpiled rockets in the Gaza Strip which can travel 80 kilometers (50 miles).

This is a confirmation thatTel Aviv is within range of its launchers.

The official blamed Egypt for not doing enough to stop the smuggling of explosives into Gaza, and added that Egypt could put a stop to it within 24 hours if they wanted to.

A network of tunnels operates underneath the 8-mile Gaza border with the Sinai desert – an area that could easily be policed more closely by Egyptian security if Cairo had the will to do so.

Large quantities of weapons cannot enter Egypt without the authorities knowing it, the official added, suggesting that Egypt allows Hamas to acquire arms in exchange for the Islamic militants leaving Egypt alone.

A senior Egyptian intelligence official responded by saying Egyptian security has been performing its duties successfully along the border with Gaza and have been praised by Israeli intelligence for their work.


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