Knesset Speaker: “US no longer sees Israel as an asset”

“It has come clear that Washington no longer sees its relationship with the Jewish state as a strategic asset”.

The leadership in Israel is divided in their views of how to handle the Obama Administration.

These are the words of Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin. He said this in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

Rivlin underlined that it is perhaps premature to call the Obama Administration hostile toward Israel.

“There is definitely a new American perception that does not see Israel as a strategic asset in the Middle East for both the United States and the free world,” said Rivlin. “This is a development that even we, the veteran politicians, see as something new.”

Perhaps even worse than that, Rivlin believes the US government no longer considers itself as having a moral responsibility toward Israel.

“Today we find ourselves facing an American administration that does not see as a basic point of reference the moral responsibility for the existence of Israel,” Rivlin stated. “[The US] certainly supports the Zionist idea, the idea that the Jews of Israel live here, but it does not feel any moral responsibility for Israel’s existence.”

Rivlin’s remarks provide a good reference point for how average Israelis view the growing tension between Jerusalem and Washington, which is being fed by a burgeoning movement within the US to paint Israel as a liability, both ethically and politically. That movement has even found support among many younger Evangelical

Christians who have been caught up in various forms of “Palestinian liberation theology.”

Source: Israeli Magazine Israel Today.

My comment:

United they will stand. Divided they will fall.

Zionism should not be up for bribes and horse trading.

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