Church of Norway delete “tribes” from prayer for Jerusalem

The Church of Norway do not want to pray for “tribes and peace in Jerusalem”. The prayer now includes “all people in Jerusalem”.

Jewish tribes was to offensive to Muslims, to the Church of Norway deleted them from their Jerusalem prayer.

The Church Council of the Lutheran Church of Norway has during the ages had a prayer for “peace in Jerusalem, for all tribes and people who set their hope to this city”.

This prayer has always been connected to the people of Israel, who every year in the diaspora said” Next year in Jeruslaem”.

The Muslims have never had this kind of prayer, and left both the city and the land wasted and desolate before the Zionist home coming.

The Church Council first suggested to completly remove the prayer for peace in Jerusalem. But when this radical suggestion came up for voting, the congress changed its mind.

But to not offend the Muslims, the Norwegian State Church will now change this prayer, to make it more universal and political correct.

No longer shall “Sunday Lutherans” pray for the tribes of Israel connected to Jerusalem, but for “all people” who feel connected to this city.

This universal prayer will sure include all who tries to evict Zionism from the city, and delete the Jewish control over their united and not dividable capital of the state of Israel.

The Islamic ban of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, will surely continued to be hailed by the Lutheran “peace makers”.

The Word of God is from now onwards, only of partly importance inside the Church of Norway. And the prophecy’s concerning the Jewish home coming to Jerusalem, have surely completely been deleted.

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