Abbas: “Jerusalem freezed” or we keep on sulking

Mahmoud Abbas do not want to talk with a state he does not recognize before that very state do as he says.

Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to give to anybody, as long as they give him litle bit peace from men like Mahmoud Abbas.

This is the last decoded message from the PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. He demands Israeli surrender to Islamic demands before he will get back to the negotiation table.

“The Palestinian Authority will not return to peace talks with Israel unless there is a freeze on settlement building that includes East Jerusalem”, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday.

Speaking to reporters after meeting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, Abbas said the Palestinians and Israel had received no official U.S. request to return to the talks.

Asked if the Palestinian Authority would agree to resume the talks if a new settlement freeze did not include East Jerusalem, he said:

“Of course … if there is no complete halt to settlements in all of the Palestinian territories including Jerusalem, we will not accept.”

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My reply:

It was not Israel who walked away from the latest round of “peace talk”. It was the Arab Palestinians.

Normally, the loosing party is not supposed to set the terms and conditions for peace. But in the Middle East, everything is turned up side down.

There is a different standard for Israel, than for the rest of the World.

It is expected by Israel to both feed and surrender to an enemy that has been totally defeated. And to make the insanity complete: The defeated enemy is also ruined by in-fighting, and seems to have no idea of how to quench the fire in its own camp.

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