Poverty in the US almost as bad as in North Korea

While there are five million in North Korea that face food shortages, the same number in the US is 45 million.

The rise in the number of homeless and hungry Americans have reached epidemic proportions.

The US continue to point its fingers on nations that do not live up the the standards of the American dream. Simultaneously, the US Government hide the ugly truth that food shortages and poverty is spreading like wild fire in America it self.

The US media correctly reports that five out of 24 million North Korean’s face food shortages. That is roughly 20 per cent of the population, and is surely a crime against humanity.

But what about the 14.7 percent of U.S. households who were “food insecure” in 2009?

The meaning of “food insecure” is that they had difficulty feeding one or more of their members at some point last year due to a lack of financial resources.

That equates to 17.4 million US households, or roughly 45 million people according to a News report from CNN. A Department of Agriculture report exposes that the number of Americans fighting off hunger remain the highest since the federal government began keeping track 15 years ago.

This year’s rate marked a slight increase in percentage from 2008, when 14.6 percent of American households had trouble putting food on the table.

The situation was especially dire for more than one-third of those households — 6.8 million total, equating to 5.7 percent of all U.S. households — that the report’s four authors classified as having “very low food security.”

The typical household in this category struggled with food issues for at least a few days a month over seven months of the year, the report said.

Households headed by single parents were more likely to struggle with food insecurity than those with two parents at home.

Hunger-related issues were more prevalent among African-American and Hispanic households than white ones, the study found.

Source: CNN Money.

The Love on money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Jesus the Messiah is surely right.

Why do more an more Americans end up in poverty?

On the reasons, are that corporate jobs are shifted abroad to the totalitarian communist regime of China, or the highly corrupted and elite supremacy dictatorship of India.

The second reason is the rotten fruit of capitalism.  American’s took fresh credits to cover up loans taken to fund consumer goods and materialistic needs in “abundance” till it overflows. Claimed to be Christians and non believers alike, were told by Charismatic pastors and politicians that the “consumer party” would keep on growing up to the heavens.

Now, we can see the real fruits of such deceptive teachings. The pictures you are about to see tell the true story of the dark side of the American dollar.

The Obama Administrations war on God of the Bible will only make matters worse. Hussein Obama wants to evict Jews from the Mountains in Zion, and give the land back under Islamic oppression and occupation. By doing this Obama place a curse up on his own head, and curses the American nation and population.

Lets take a look at some picture of homeless American, a new class of citizens that live on the street, in cars or in tents in public gardens.

It you can not pay the Bank, you are on the street.
This family live in the car. They have no other place to live.
This girl is an "American traveller". She lives on the cargo trains.
This family is lucky. They have got a new place to live in a public place.
Calefornia dreaming. Homeless in LA.
On a dollar a day, its always possible to get a cup of coffee.
Most of the native Americans live below the poverty line.
Social benefits. At last the chance to get a warm bowl of soup.
The electrical poles are out of range. The new American poor are out in the woods.
The skyline in Sacramento have got new tents, where Arny has his seat of power.
Life seen through a window of a tent in Detroit.
Houses up for sale, to raise fresh funds for the Fedreral Government.
Yesterday General Motors (GM) launched an IPO on Wall Street. These home owners in Detroit were not invited.
No invitation to American tea-parties for these hungry souls on Capitol Hill.

16 thoughts on “Poverty in the US almost as bad as in North Korea

    1. Dear Sirrahc

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Its always good to look at things from different perspectives.

      In your report:

      The average poor American has more living space than the average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens, and other cities throughout Europe.

      My reply:

      Not all of these 45 million Americans do live in tents. But those who have been forced, or have chosen, to live out doors, surely have a lot of space around them.

      You might have visited a slum in India. There are “poor” people there, who have TV-sets and MP3 players, but do not feed their children. The children are sick, and the father rather use the money he has for drugs or drinks, than to send them to school. Child workers are slaves for their daddy’s sins and wickedness.

      The issue of poverty is surely a complicated matter. But for the man who is hungry, the only thing that matters is how to get food.

    2. In many parts of the U.S., a car is an absolute necessity. I know one of those “not-as-bad-off-as-you-may-think-poor” who had to keep his decade-old (and counting) car in running order, at the expense of other things, to be able to seek work and shop for food.

      Without it, he may end up like those folks pictured above.

  1. It’s only going to get worse. Hyper-inflation is on the way now that the Feds have monetized the debt. There will be a revisiting of the Great Depression.

  2. I am glad that you raised the issue on poverty in the States…and the “poor” role that a lot of churches played in it, like for instance Robert Schuler’s megachurch Chrystal Cathedral (read the following link:)


    This generation has been deceived into worshipping the Mammon…even in the name of Jesus this is done.
    Is it any wonder that we end up not only hungry for daily bread but even worse, are starving from a lack of The Bread of Life…Jesus The Christ.


  4. This is partially true. Let me tell you why. For one 60% of North Korea is in poverty (not 20%). You can read many articles and see that most of Korea’s population cannot afford cars or transportation. They live in poorly area’s. Even the cities are poor. Also many North Koreans have to eat plants that is produced by human remains. This does not happen in the U.S. Also many orphans from North Korea have to eat corn and food but animal poop, or they eat less. Many North Koreans (including North Korean Soldiers) have low malnutrition. It is so bad that the poor people don’t have any meat on their bones, and are skinny like most North Koreans, while vs. The United States, poor people I have saw had meat on their bones. And lastly every country has poor people just like the United States, such as Canada, Europe, China, and many more countries. America is one of the richest and strongest countries in the world, but at the same time America still has a problem with human rights, but is working on healing their country and it’s people.

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