Israeli soldiers walks into trap on Facebook

IDF soldiers Facebook profiles have been copied, and used on a website accusing them of war crimes in Gaza.

Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza has been hacked on Facebook.

200 Israeli soldiers are now facing the consequences of the corrupt social media Facebook. Pictures and personal information about Israeli soldiers who served during Operation cast lead has been copied, and published on an website that accuses the identified soldiers of war crimes.

Each entry features the soldiers and officers’ pictures and personal details, including identification numbers and addresses.

A quick search reveals that many of the pictures on the site, especially those of the younger low level soldiers, were taken from Facebook profiles.

Private published photos of IDF soldiers have been copied and republished.

The website has no special design or graphics, just a table of names of soldiers listed in alphabetic order which the site claims, served in the army in the winter of 2008-2009.

Soldiers listed include officers from the very top of the IDF hierarchy – Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and down to a sergeant in the infantry training program.

A website counter at the top of the page states that over 3000 people have viewed the website so far. They claim that the information “was received anonymously; presumably from a member of the Israeli Military”.

“This information was pirated. We encourage people to seek out other such similar information, it is readily available in the public sphere and inside public officials’ locked cabinets,” they said. The person or group behind the website remains a mystery as does the level of exposure that the website receives.


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