US satellites gives Saudi drones ability to take out VIP-targets in Israel

Saudi Arabia use Iran as excuse to get High tech weapons from the US.

The US now sends men from Pentagon to give the Saudis the best of American war technology. Israel will soon feel the heat.

The US and France is likely to help Saudi Arabia to develop a new satellites surveillance system, that gives the Islamic state the capability to strike targets in Israel.

The Saudis will be able to strike VIP targets in Israel using drones, or missile carrying air crafts without pilots.

The Saudis appealed to America for imagery from U.S. surveillance satellites so they could target more precisely, but it was opposed by the State Department.

So the Saudis turned to France, which has its own reconnaissance satellites.

Using precise satellite intelligence, the Saudis were able to monitor the Houthis’ hideouts in Yemen, equipment dumps and training sites, and then attack with devastating effectiveness. Within a few weeks, the Houthis were requesting a truce.

The Saudis now want their own satellite capability, and they will soon request bids from Western companies for such a system.

Riyadh also wants drones that can see and attack enemy targets in remote places. Washington has been weighing whether to include versions of its Predator drones in an arms sale to the kingdom. Such weapons would boost Saudi ability to deter Iran, but they could also threaten Israel.

Source: Washington Post

My comment:

Israel have had the advantage of technology superiority in the war games in the Middle East. Most of this high tech is not imported, but invented by brainy Jews.

Nations like the US did withheld their own technology, not feeding the Arabs, who earlier was supplied from Communist Russia. This was a way to help the Israeli Government to secure the Jewish homeland.

With Barack Hussein Obama in the White House everything has changed. The US President now actively supplies the enemy with high end weapons, in a bid to make the Jewish state surrender its Biblical heartland and East Jerusalem.

Yesterday we saw a picture of the French President also becoming a puppet of the Saudi King.

What does this mean in practice?

Today, only Israel is capable of doing pin point strikes on Hamas leaders in places like Gaza and Damascus.

Tomorrow, a Saudi drone might blow up the car of Tzipi Livni on her drive from Tel Aviv to Haifa.  The Global excuse, is that she failed to report to the War Crimes tribunal in the Haague, as ordered by Obama and the Arab League.

Israel is feeling the heat. And it will get worse until they submit to the final anti-Christ.

2 thoughts on “US satellites gives Saudi drones ability to take out VIP-targets in Israel

  1. You are right, only we have been selling Muslim countries our weapons and training for several decades, so this has been building for a long time. Even under Republican presidents we have done this. A bad idea just got worse!

  2. I see obama as ISIS..he has been suplying Iran with all things, even enought to make Saudi worry that obama is not with them but the Iranians. but to me, a game, now obama is showing his satanic ways and is turned back to saudi, the head of the snake. not to mention obama will strike at Israel if they try to strike at Iran nukes. but I think soon, damascus will be blownup. and the Iran cult will fall and the seat of saudi satan will move to Iraq. In the meantime China is growing strong and will go against Russis as russia runs to try to protect its wealth and weapons they gave to Iran. Asia will get together with China and run to try to take over…and in between that we know the psalm =s 83 nations will attack Israe and lose. In the end Israel will win becasue the bible tells us that when the enemies foot hits HIS HOLY Land , HE will roar thru Zion and make a grave yard by the sea. their eyes will melt before the bones hit the ground and then He will chase the one who ran to their nations and destroy the men, women, children and the the meantime lawlessnes is everywhere , so bad in America too. Makes me remembe how when men stand before G-d HE will tell them I nver knew you, depart from ME wyou men of lawlessness. To try to tell us that Turkey is the that is not true. tho they are playing their game kinda worried about Iran and then take sides. al of the lie to each other truthing no one..because they are liars ane their father is the devil..I believe the times of the gentiles is over or was over in 1967 and now HIS EYES have returned to Israel and their is a revival going on there too. and becasue the fake churches who have fallen and the fact they would not believe the truth, G-d said I will send a lie and they will believe it..I see that very clear and they won’t listen.. when G-d said like in the days of Noah were. we now see gays all over the world the head nation is a gay aisa Nepal… the churches are silent, do not teach the true gospel which is where the power is. we are to tell people 3 times an if they reject it..from such turn away and to pray without ceasing and stay in the word. suport Israel, love Her as G-d loves HER TOO. she is the root that hold up the true and branches..She has received double punishment an dfor those who think HE is coming to do it all over again is wrong. they need to figure out what has been fulflled and what hasn’t..the naions aught to worry , as all Israel will be saved. Romans ll I maybe wrong on some things but one thing I know is G-d will never froget the Jews , ever and one day they will rule in HIS Kingdom. shalom

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